Metacade – World’s First Metaverse Play-To-Earn Arcade – Raised Over $3 Million in Its Presale Phase 1 – Buy Now Before The Price Rockets

Stage 1 of Metacade’s crypto presale has just sold out. Both the beta phase and phase 1 of the crypto presale have been a major success, as Metacade has raised a total of $3 million in just eight short weeks since the event went live.

Phase 1 raised the price of MCADE to $0.01 after the beta phase launched at $0.008, yet investors continued to pile into the crypto presale and bought every single token that was being offered. Now, phase 2 will see MCADE climb a further 20 percent to the $0.012 price level.

Russell Bennett, Metacade’s Head of Product, said, “The community has been amazing and the support we’ve been shown so far has been staggering. The popularity of the presale is a real signal that we can continue to improve as we build out a next-generation blockchain arcade.”

Metacade combines crypto-earning mechanics with the largest collection of arcade games that can be found on the blockchain. It is the first community-driven initiative of its kind, aiming to become a central hub for Web3 users to play, earn, and discover some of the best features that GameFi has to offer.

The arcade itself offers a comprehensive P2E gaming experience, offering both casual and competitive, integrated crypto rewards, and exclusive pay-to-play tournaments. Rewards will be given in Metacade’s native token, MCADE, which powers the platform. The community can also earn MCADE by creating content on the platform and staking the token to earn a passive income.

The platform is also introducing a Work2Earn feature, which has been designed to advertise jobs for Web3 users. The Metacade community will be able to access paid roles at blockchain companies directly through the platform, including gig work, freelance positions, and full-time roles from 2024 onwards.

Metacade has been successfully audited by Certik, which is one of the biggest and most successful auditing firms in Web3, showing that the project is trustworthy and secure. The company has previously audited Aave, PancakeSwap, and other major gaming projects such as Decentraland. The full audit for Metacade is available on the Certik website.

The crypto presale is still ongoing, as 70% of the total supply will be available for purchase before the token is released on public sale. There are eight presale stages after the beta phase, with stage 2 well underway. MCADE is now worth $0.012 per token, with a further 157.5 million tokens being released.

Metacade looks like a great buy at the current price level. The project is building a premium blockchain gaming experience that will no doubt drive the GameFi revolution over the coming years. The presale is first come, first served, which means that investors only have a limited time to get involved.

When the crypto presale is over, MCADE will be launched on major exchanges. Metacade has formed an early partnership with Bitmart, which will be launching the MCADE token immediately after the event. This makes the crypto presale the perfect chance to get involved, as the MCADE token could skyrocket soon enough.


You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

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