Metropoly Pushing Boundaries of Real Estate Investment Beyond Propy and LA Token


Metropoly has created the world’s first NFT marketplace that is filled with NFTs backed by real estate. The marketplace allows anybody to get started building their property portfolios with as little as $100, completing the investment in a matter of seconds.


The marketplace is truly groundbreaking because it totally democratizes real estate investments for users across the globe. In addition, it’s pushing the boundaries of previous real estate platforms, such as Propy and LA Token, which allow real estate investment in the traditional sense but lack the modern features of what blockchain technology can achieve.

Ahead of Propy and LA Token: Metropoly Pushing Real Estate Boundaries

The Metropoly Marketplace is a groundbreaking solution to democratizing real estate investment. There have been plenty of real estate projects in the crypto market that have tried to integrate modern technology into the centuries-old sector, but none have come close to what Metropoly has achieved.

Two of the most notable real estate projects are Propy and LA Token, which have market cap values of $23 million and $2 million, respectively. Although these were touted to be the next evolution of the real estate industry, neither has quite reached the heights that many investors were expecting.

Propy is a real estate platform that uses blockchain technology to simplify the entire process of purchasing a home. Using blockchain technology, Propy provides a method of eliminating fraudulent transactions from the real estate market. However, the entire idea of Propy is to just bring home buying completely on-chain, bringing the same process online without any changes. It still uses traditional payment methods and requires users to fill out mountains of paperwork.

LA Token is a platform that allows users to tokenize real-world assets and lets them trade. The thing with LA Token is that it’s not real estate focused, although real estate is one of the assets that can be tokenized. LA Token provides tokenization of assets from equity and debt all the way to high-value artwork. It is a promising project but has spread itself too thin by targeting many real-world assets.

On the other hand, Metropoly is a fully focused project on real estate investment. As a result, it opens the doors up for crypto investors to diversify their portfolios away from crypto assets into real estate in a matter of seconds.

What Makes Metropoly Different?

Metropoly stands apart from previous real estate projects because it turns real estate an investable asset for all people. Users can come to the platform with as little as $100 and start their real estate portfolios. This is because all of the properties on the Metropoly platform are fractionalized into little pieces, which are then tokenized as NFTs to be sold individually.

Investing in one of these NFTs grants the holder all of the ownership rights associated with real estate investment. For example, if the price of property increases, the owner of the NFT can take advantage of the capital gains by selling their NFT on the marketplace.

Furthermore, holding one of the NFTs grants a passive income for the owner through the rental yield on the property. The income is passive because the Metripoly team ensures that the maintenance is handled at the property and that the tenant pays rent each month. As a result, NFT holders simply need to wait for their share of the rental yield to be distributed to their wallets in stablecoins each month.

Additionally, investing in real estate on Metropoly requires no credit checks. There is no need to contact a bank for a mortgage because you can start with as little as $100. The platform is open to everybody across the globe, regardless of their country of origin or current credit situation. Most importantly, there is no need to fill out paperwork – something that the other properties have failed to eliminate.

Metropoly Presale Continues to Fly After Almost 2000 People Participate

The Metropoly project is currently hosting a presale for its native token, METRO. The presale is currently in the ninth stage, selling the METRO token for a price of $0.0625. The presale has been gaining significant momentum in recent weeks after it crossed the $600,000 level, with almost 2000 people participating in the presale so far.

It’s important to invest in the presale during the earlier stages as there is an increasing pricing mechanism for the presale. Once the fundraising hits the $1 million milestone, the price for the METRO token will increase.

There is a minimum investment of $100, and investors can purchase METRO using ETH, USDT, or BNB. The ERC-20 token has been audited by CertiK.

Overall, Metropoly has created a totally groundbreaking solution for those looking to start their real estate journey by giving them the option to buy NFTs starting with as little as $100. The project has taken the concept of real estate investment much further than its predecessors as it looks to revolutionize the entire sector.

Check Out the Metropoly Presale


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