Microsoft’s AI Reveals the Holy Trinity of Profit: Stellar, Arbitrum, and Everlodge for Q4 2023!

Like many artificial intelligence tools, Microsoft’s AI has shown strong prowess in analyzing the crypto market and giving predictions. We have asked Microsoft AI to pick three tokens that could give massive gains in Q4 2023. Microsoft AI picked Stellar, Arbitrum, and Everlodge. In this article, we will find out why.

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Stellar (XLM) Adoption Increases

In 2023, Stellar (XLM) saw a major resurgence. The adoption of the altcoin has been on the rise as its payment network received some adoption. In addition, Stellar recently completed its protocol 20 upgrade.

Between June and July the price of the Stellar coin, XLM, increased by more than 100%. However, since then, XLM has failed to replicate the same upward momentum. The Stellar price also displayed high price volatility in September 2023.

In the last two months, the price of Stellar has dropped from $0.16 to $0.11. However, the AI tool is still bullish about XLM, citing the increasing adoption of the network. While the aura around XLM is still bearish, Microsoft AI has forecasted a price surge to $0.132 in Q4 2023.

Arbitrum (ARB) Shows Mixed Sentiment

Arbitrum is a Layer-2 solution designed to improve the scalability of the Ethereum network. It does this by combining several transactions into one, which eases the strain on the Ethereum network.  Meanwhile, Arbitrum launched its testnet called Stylus in August.

This platform allows developers to create advanced Web3 applications using their favorite programming languages and tools. Unfortunately, this platform has failed to cause any major price rally for Arbitrum. The price of Arbitrum has been bearish over the last month.

However, the token has shown a price increase of 5.8% in the last 14 days to reach $0.816090 on September 26th. As a result, Microsoft AI has predicted the price of Arbitrum to range between $0.9 to $1.36 in Q4 2023.

Everlodge (ELDG) To Outperform Stellar and Arbitrum in Q4 2023

According to data, the global real estate market is huge, valued at over $280 trillion in 2023. However, it is mostly available to rich people because it requires a lot of money for investment. Everlodge is planning to change this by using NFT fractionalization and blockchain technology.

Everlodge’s approach will allow more people to invest in real estate properties and other luxury properties. Fractionalization allows investors to buy smaller pieces of expensive property instead of the whole property. Interestingly, people can make money by renting these properties out.


Therefore, both low and high-income investors can own high-value properties. Block Audit and InterFi Network have already audited  Everlodge’s smart contract. This shows the platform’s concern for investors’ safety.

Everlodge has a native token called ELDG for sale now. ELDG is used for transactions on the platform and comes with perks like discounts, rewards, and free stays at properties listed on the marketplace. Presently, the token cost $0.019 each. Microsoft AI has forecasted a 20x price increase for Everlodge in Q4 2023.

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