Missed Mask Network rally? Turn your attention to DigiToads as its price is set to explode

One of the high points of 2023 in the crypto market was Mask Network’s positive price action that had people lining up to get their hands on the new ICO. Mask Network was received with rave reviews as it promised a unique browser extension that offered high-level privacy from Web 3.0 platforms and social media websites. Its price rally left many people richer. However, if you couldn’t take advantage of the opportunity, don’t worry as there are other crypto projects too that have been in the news for all the right reasons. Built on Ethereum, DigiToads offers users an opportunity to enjoy the functionality of a meme coin and play-to-earn platform on a single interface. With a dynamic rewards system and cutting-edge features, the cryptocurrency has been getting rave reviews from analysts.

Multiple opportunities to earn for crypto users

DigiToads’ economic model pivots on a unique mechanism – one that combines a meme coin and a play-to-earn platform. In other words, you can look forward to enjoying the functionality of meme coins while gaining from decentralized gaming. As a high-growth utility token, DigiToads enables its users to earn with multiple opportunities like staking non-fungible tokens (NFTs), participating in Web 3.0 games, trading competitions, and its rewards system. These features make it among the best cryptos to invest in that have been launched in recent times.

For facilitating various transactional purposes on its network, DigiToads has rolled out a native token called TOAD which will be made available for purchase via presale. The team plans to make the token available through a 10-stage presale process. Another thing about the TOAD token that you should know is that it is a deflationary cryptocurrency. Under a deflationary model, the token supply is kept scarce by burning tokens. The move helps not only tame price fluctuations but also keeps the token value stable.

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Minting new gains with Web 3.0 games

DigiToads’ play-to-earn game has an exciting interface and simple rules that solve your problem of what crypto should I invest in. As per the rules of the game, players and their digital companions have to compete with other players in a virtual swamp arena. These digital companions are called DigiToad and players can acquire them either by purchasing them or trading them or winning them. Each of these DigiToads has a special set of characteristics that can help the player gain leverage in the game. Players can also buy training equipment, food, and potion for their DigiToad to boost their chances of winning. These items can be bought only using Toad Tokens and 50% of the sale proceeds go towards maintaining the prize pool.

Once the DigiToads season comes to an end after a month, the top 25% of the players are declared winners and get TOAD tokens as a reward. Users can also earn residual incomes with DigiToads by staking NFTs on the network. The longer the digital asset is staked, the higher would be the rewards earned. The rewards are distributed from the staking pool that the team maintains. To keep the staking pool flush with funds, the team sets aside 2% of all TOAD transactions.

The platform also organizes trading competitions wherein traders registering the highest trades in a month are rewarded with a Platinum Toad. They also receive 10% of the profits they bring in as an incentive for expanding the size of the treasury. With each Platinum Toad, the trader gets remote access to 1/12th of the treasury fund. These competitions also help the platform in drawing high trade volumes every day.

The platform will be setting aside 2.5% of its profits for charitable endeavors. These donations will be made to organizations working for the preservation of rainforests and replanting trees.

Community is one of the key focus areas for the platform and the team believes in amply rewarding community members for their efforts. For instance, all TOAD holders will receive rewards every month from a prize pool comprising 10% of the profits earned by the platform. As a new ICO, DigiToads has left everybody impressed with its unique economic model. Among the analysts who have reviewed it, many expect its price to explode soon. As far as returns go, they believe that the TOAD token has the potential to grow by 450% in the long term.

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