ModiCoin (MDN) Launching its Most Awaited First Private Sale

ModiCoin (MDN)- Upcoming Crypto King in DeFi space has recently revealed the dates for its first Private Sale. Modicoin will be conducting its private Sale on the 6th of February 2022 (3:30 AM UTC).  Registrations are already open for the users. The project claims to be the safest and the most reliable space for investors in DeFi space due to the safety measures they have incorporated.

ModiCoin Private Sale: Key Highlights

Here are some of the key highlights of ModiCoin and its upcoming Private Sale.

  1. The ModiCoin Private Sale is using Binance Pay as the payment method to avoid sharks from buying the tokens and manipulating the prices. Additionally, the platform is using Trust Wallet for participants to receive their tokens, post which it is using Unicrypt, the most secure system to securely vest those tokens for 10 months. Every month 10% of the tokens will be unlocked and users can either hold the tokens or withdraw them.
  2. ModiCoin offers all its users the benefits of locked liquidity to have the stability of the tokens.
  3. The platform has deployed a robust anti-whale and anti-dumping mechanism, thus ensuring that the token holders do not have to face the adverse effects of price manipulation. It also claims that the tokens would be distributed uniformly across all the holders, thus maintaining true decentralization by not allowing a handful of individuals to control the ecosystem.
  4. MDN is a deflationary token with a pre-scheduled burning mechanism, thus programmed to grow in value over time.
  5. The platform has an automated liquidity pool that ensues sufficient liquidity while price floor creation so that the token value is protected during sell-offs.
  6. To ensure a healthy circulation of assets within the ecosystem, ModiCoin reallocates 2% of every transaction to existing shareholders.
  7. ModiCoin has managed to trademark its token, which in itself is a rare achievement, thus showcasing the credibility it has achieved.
  8. ModiCoin has not only harnessed the power of blockchain technology, but it has also worked on enhancing the efficiency of blockchain by developing an improved version.
  9. The ModiCoin team is working towards developing the most advanced and innovative crypto decentralized banking infrastructure, thus potentially generating an immense future value for all the stakeholders.

The project has already grabbed a lot of media attention from across the world, some of the most prominent ones being HUMM FM 104.2, Radio Haanji Australia, and Radio City India, 5aab TV Australia, thus reflecting global interest in the project’s advanced and innovative proposition.

ModiCoin Private Sale: Details

The ModiCoin Private Sale will use Binance Pay to participate. It is the most secure borderless payment technology designed by the largest crypto exchange- Binance. Interested participants will need to follow the below-mentioned procedures to take part in the ModiCoin Private Sale.

  1. Download the Binance App and complete the KYC and registration process.
  2. Keep BNB ready as these tokens will further be used to buy “ModiCoin MDN in the Private Sale”.
  3. Download the TrustWallet App through Play Store/Appstore. After the Private Sale ends, your MDN tokens will be sent to your wallet via Unicrypt in due course of time
  4. Register yourself on ModiCoin to participate in the Private Sale.
  5. Once your transaction is successful on Binance Pay, you will receive an acknowledgment email and the tokens will be safely locked with Unicrypt for 10 months. 10 percent of your tokens will be unlocked every month.
  6. Within 2-3 weeks of the Private Sale, you will receive your locker details via email.

The locker will only be accessible through the wallet address that the user has provided during the initial account registration for the ModiCoin Private Sale.

ModiCoin Smart Contract has already been whitelisted on Unicrypt and has been audited twice by eNebula for security clearance.  Users can verify this with the Smart Contract address- 0x6720998132da8a97e6e4a41f5059dd353562f5b6

Date: 6th February 2022



6th February 2022
03.30 AM (UCT)
09.00 AM (IST)
02.30 PM (AEDT)
04.30 PM (NZDT)


5th February 2022
08.30 PM (New York, US, EST)
08.30 PM (Toronto, CA)

About ModiCoin

‘ModiCoin’ stands for “Medium of Defi in Centre of Incorruptible Network’ and it is a community-driven token. It has harnessed the power of blockchain technology to create a platform that aims to optimize how people handle their digital assets in terms of saving, investing, lending, borrowing, trading, etc.

ModiCoin is developed using the BEP20 standards and deployed on the Binance Smart Chain. Furthermore, it claims to be a highly scalable platform that is well-equipped to process lightning fast cross border transactions for a wide array of applications.


Name: Amit Singla
Mailing Address: Po Box 19086 Avondale, Auckland, 1026, New Zealand

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