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For decades, startups have been a great option for investing with many venture capitalists finding x10, x100 and sometimes even x1000 profits here. Today, Montex Market, an innovative crypto-exchange, opens the way to contribute to startups by purchasing their stocks with virtual currencies. In combination with high-level security, Montex Project is an ecosystem where you can trade both in crypto and startup stocks, all at the same place. Let’s find out what startups are, how you can invest in them with Montex Market and how the project helps you to do this.

What’s a startup?

A startup is a young business, usually in the tech domain, that seeks to deliver an innovative solution to a major problem. 80% of these companies terminate within several years and only the fittest survive.

Perhaps, the most important features of a startup is the dynamism and energy inside its team with employees eager to make a difference in the world around them.

Why should you care?

Well, because startups have been a great sort of profits for many decades. Long before Bitcoin and Ethereum came around, people used to fund early-stage businesses, driven by “the next big thing” ideas. Thus, you, being an investor in cryptocurrencies, high-tech, and innovation, can do this too.

And, let’s make this clear, investing in startup projects can be much more lucrative than just buying stocks of large companies, bonds, gold or commodities. Early-time investors in startups like Facebook, Twitter, Uber, Paypal, Ebay, Amazon, Google and many more, have made exuberant profits with cases of x100 being frequent.

How do Montex Project and startups come together?

Montex Project has launched a unique offering on the crypto-market. Here, investors can purchase stocks in startups with ETH or MON (exchange’s native token), opening the door into venture capital financing and learning about the best startups on offer.

Even though such investments can be risky, contributors win from the diversification effect. Contributing a smaller portion of your net assets (say, 10%) can help balance out any negative developments in major asset classes, such as shared, bonds and commodities. And, importantly, Montex Market helps investors learn about the startups they can contribute to.

How does Montex Project help find lucrative opportunities?

It’s imperative that every investor does in-depth research into startups they consider. And research takes time, effort and deep knowledge into unique industries and niches, where that particular business operates. The analysis done at Montex Market will assist with researching startups in East Asia and globally, bringing a list of strong contenders for contributors’ attention.

Analysts with Montex Market sit down for interviews with teams and investigate business models that drive startups. As a result, users can review a short video, financial statements and business plans, all presented at the exchange, quickly learning about what makes startups unique. This brings investors closer to making balanced investment judgments that are based on hard data.

At the end of this researching procedure, the team will post the PDF file with the business plan, furnished by the startup, and a short video, highlighting the most important points from the interview and website. Thus, this approach helps cut risks that users might get exposed to, should they research projects on their own, “in the wild”.

After all, most of the long-term venture capitalists, being professional startup investors, say that newcomers are always better off parking their money with VC companies, as opposed to “going it alone”. In addition, Montex Project delivers high security and protection for users which is key with various threats being abundant online.

How does Montex Project assure security?

Within the Montex ecosystem, the cryptocurrency wallet is an app that users download on their smartphones. This enables users to retain control over their private keys (i.e. passwords). This is different from major crypto exchanges which store private keys on servers and open users to the risk of losing their funds in case of a hacking attack.

Another great feature is the ability to link your accounts to various authorized devices. Should you lose your authorized device, it’s easy to deactivate the linked account from another device, thus preventing a thief from getting access to your wallet.

As you can see, Montex Project offers a holistic ecosystem for a trader who wishes to partake in trading cryptocurrencies and maybe even stocks of startups. Naturally, users might have various questions, which will find answers in the project’s Telegram chat. With high security and protection for users, this unique crypto exchange opens a way to invest in high-potential startups from East Asia and globally.

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