More Opportunities to Get Bisercoin With Air Drop Event


Biser uses the potential of blockchain technology and decentralization to create the ultimate social platform. This application is meant to apply advanced systems to offer a place for users all over the world to exchange texts, videos, pictures and even make payments. The main revolutionary element in this project is how, differently from other popular social apps, Biser will operate without any third party intermediaries.

A recurrent complaint in the online social world of today is how companies and authorities leave no privacy to the users, sharing personal information and reading conversations. Biser aims to bring that necessary additional privacy to the mix and allow users using this app to create a profile with complete control over who knows your details and sees your messages. It will move control from authorities to the users themselves, promising to never expose the personal identity of any of the latter. While personal data will not be sold for commercial usage, further ensuring that those using this app will not have to deal with persistent spam due to it.

The way Biser allows for users to maintain their privacy is by generating an ID only once an individual uses the application, leaving it stored with it and available to be identified only by those you decide to share your ID with. Strangers you wish to not communicate with will never be able to contact you, while your personal information is kept hidden from any third parties. Biser does not store correspondence between users within it, therefore making it inaccessible from government agencies and possible hacker attacks. That is the main advantage of opting for a decentralized storage over a centralized one, allowing more freedom of speech with an ipfs storage protocol. Anyone will be able to become part of the services provider, changing the way we have known social applications up until now.

The network connection between the two or more interlocutors is then established outside the server, while also encrypting all data that has been transmitted. Adding extra security related to any potential wiretapping or interception of text messages. Ensuring the users that everything they share with friends, family and acquaintances will stay between them.

This level of transparency and security is only possible thanks to Blockchain technology, the ideal solution to create an app that avoids any of the common mistakes while becoming more innovative than ever. This type of technology makes it possible for the whole system to be decentralized and as such no other authoritative bodies can interfere with the users. This kind of precaution that leads to extra safety is even more important for a social app that integrates payment systems such as Biser, since it also lowers the risks of fraud and hacker attacks when transferring funds. Alongside allowing for quicker transaction times than any other not blockchain based app can provide.

Biser is a supporter of blockchain technology and sees the positives in applying it to the everyday, as such this system best suited the creation of this innovative application. A social app that is meant to provide users with long term benefits such as Biser needs to adapt to the latest technologies, while also solving recurrent issues within this sector. Something that Blockchain can help with.

Alongside an innovative technology, the ultimation of this project would not be possible without a strong community that supports it. That is exactly why, Biser will be running an Air Drop event for everyone within said community. It will be an opportunity for the future users of this app to ask questions, get answers and be rewarded with Bisercoins going straight to the users’ digital wallet.

Whether you’ve been wondering about the ICO campaign or the way the application itself runs and what impact it can have, at this Air Drop event you will have a chance to find out more about Biser. All one needs to do to ask a question is to go on the website and type in any doubts that they have related to the project, alongside their Ethereum address. Once an answer has been provided and the question has been upvoted by the team behind Biser, the user will be rewarded with 100 Bisercoin to their Ethereum address. An incentive to encourage community participation while learning more about the app and having an extra opportunity to gain Bisercoins.

The total amount of airdrops for this event is set to 1,000,000 BRC (the equivalent of 45,000 USD), so those interested should make sure to get there early with their questions. The team will be happy to answer anything related to the project up until the airdrops reach their limit, after that any further information about Biser can be found on their official website.

This application gets everyday closer to becoming a reality and setting a whole new standard for social apps. At last, allowing users to share opinions and content without having to worry about third-party interference and personal information being publicly shared. A place for anyone to send messages, photos, videos, and payments without any risks.


  1. Go to
  2. Ask questions by clicking on the top right “Ask Questions” Button
  3. Ask us a question, any question related to the project
  4. When your questions get answered and upvote by us, we will send you an email for you to provide us your Etherum address
  5. We will airdrop 100 Bisercoin to your Ethereum Address.



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