Move Over DOGE and PEPE: There’s a New Meme Coin in Town and It’s Called SPONGE

Meme coins have become increasingly popular lately, with many of them resulting in substantial profits for traders in recent weeks. These coins are constantly evolving, incorporating new features and ways to create excitement, which has caused a revival of interest in this particular market.

PEPE was a widely popular meme coin until recently, but now there’s a new player in the game that appears to have the same potential for a 100-fold return: SPONGE. The crypto community is buzzing with excitement about this particular coin, and in this discussion, we provide a comprehensive overview of SPONGE and explain why it’s currently the topic of discussion.

The SpongeBob Meme Coin

The SpongeBob token is categorized as a meme coin, which means that it is more focused on generating hype than on practical uses. Recently, many investors have shown interest in this type of token, which is evident from the surge of other meme coins like PEPE. Meme coins have the potential to increase in value rapidly, and this is the reason why traders have been adding them to their portfolios.

$SPONGE has been able to generate trading volumes of almost $1 million within the first hour of trading, and a majority of the market participants have been buyers, indicating a strong upward trend that is expected to continue. However, new coins often face liquidity issues unless they have the backing of investors.

The launch of coins directly on Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) is a growing trend, partly because crypto traders are moving away from centralized exchanges after the FTX incident. Regulatory issues are affecting exchanges like Coinbase, the largest US exchange, and an increasing number of market players are opting for DEXs instead.

Furthermore, the increasing number of coin launches can also be attributed to the convenience provided by artificial intelligence. For instance, Turbo Toad Token ($TURBO) was created in just one week, with minimal human involvement, using the OpenAI chatbot ChatGPT to develop everything from the smart contract to the mascot.

Since its launch on April 17th, PEPE has experienced a substantial increase in value, which makes it understandable why some investors may be attracted to investing in $SPONGE. The recent surge of PEPE has added to the excitement surrounding DEX-only meme coins.

If you’re wondering where to get SPONGE, the good news is that it’s relatively easy to obtain, and we’ll explain how to purchase it below.

Check Out SPONGE on Uniswap


Investors interested in acquiring SPONGE tokens can find them directly listed on Uniswap. The token has seen significant growth in value, with an increase of over 100% at present. However, as with any investment in the crypto market, individuals should exercise caution and perform their own research to understand the associated risks.

The token’s total supply is 40.4 billion, and the number of transactions has been rapidly increasing. This trend is expected to continue as news of the latest meme coin spreads among investors.

To find out more about SPONGE, interested parties can visit the website The website also offers trading options directly through the Uniswap widget. For updates on future developments, traders can follow the $SPONGE Twitter account.

As a new token, there may still be room for growth and further gains for traders. SPONGE is already gaining traction in the crypto community, with many discussing its potential success and whether it can match or exceed the performance of PEPE. Based on its current trajectory, it appears likely that SPONGE will continue to gain momentum.

Can meme coins continue this trend and make a great deal of difference in the market in 2023? SPONGE and others are proving that this could very well be the case. These tokens have a strong capacity to pull large crowds of investors and the fact that they have risen so quickly is a testament to that. SPONGE is certainly one to watch.


It is certain that meme coins have a strong presence in the market and are being widely discussed due to their added utility and tendency to surge during bullish trends. Given the favorable outlook of the crypto market in the upcoming months, meme coins such as SPONGE have the potential to emerge as significant tokens. If you have an interest in meme coins and are seeking to expand your collection, it may be worth exploring this particular token, which is presently in the presale phase, making this an opportune time to do so.

Check Out SpongeBob


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