Nagezeni Announces the Winners of the Trading Contest: Who Wins a Lambo


The largest trading competition of 2018 conducted by Nagezeni and Coinsuper exchange has now finished. It has been an incredibly tight race, where contestants were neck and neck. And that is hardly surprising as the stakes were high – to win Lamborghini, premium watches or a pool of 160.5 ETH. It is time to announce the winners and start packing their presents.

Nagezeni´s contest lasted only for 14 days, and it turned out a big success. In total, 1051 traders took part in the race for Lambo. Up to 12/17, 23:59:59, total trading volume rate stood at 3.988.863.460,0598. That is almost 4 billion NZE tokens! This number includes both trading pairs: ETH/NZE and BTC/NZE. The last few days became crucial for the vast majority of contestants, because those who continued trading won the best prizes.

The champions were defined basing on the net purchase volume, which was calculated as the difference between bought and sold NZE tokens. Larger this number was – the bigger were possibilities to take one of the leading positions.

The first five participants are rewarded with Lamborghini Huracan, Audemars Piguet +15 ETH, Harry Winston +10 ETH, Franck Muller +5 ETH and Rolex +3 ETH, correspondingly. The Nagezeni team is proud to announce the top winners:

Place 1 338168272,3821 NZE
Place 2262061385,0519 NZE
Place 391000007,6000 NZE
Place 479037290,6040 NZE
Place 5 56938223,8940 NZE

The full list of 25 winners is available on Coinsuper announcement page. The rest should check their incoming e-mail folders, notifications will arrive soon.

The prizes will be distributed within 7 working days after the finish. Note that top 25 winners must complete the KYC process within 7 days after the winner announcement.

We are very excited to see the results and of course an incredibly high level of participation. We haven’t thought that it will be possible taking into account a strong bearish market. Nagezeni wishes you good luck in New Year and we promise that even greater news is coming! Nagezeni’s team shares their emotions.

After experimenting such a humongous success, it becomes obvious that this type of competition helps to cheer traders up in this bearish sentiment. Nagezeni’s team proved it and has no intention to stop. New Year will bring new challenges!

To learn more about the final winners, visit the official websites of Nagezeni and Coinsuper, follow Nagezeni project on Twitter and Facebook, as well as ask any questions on Telegram.

About Nagezeni

Founded in 2016, Nagezeni is working on a blockchain-based solution that will allow various bloggers, artists, and other online content creators to receive tipping and donations from their fans in NZE tokens. They will be able to spend the received digital money on advertising and promotion, as well as launch their own crowdfunding campaigns on the Nagezeni platform. Based on enhanced Bitcoin blockchain, these transactions will be quick, secure, cheap, and scalable.

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