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Estate Coin

The construction company SBG, Ltd. in September launches ICO project to attract investment of resources in the project Estate Coin. A key feature of the project is the symbiosis of information technologies and technologies for the construction of residential buildings. The system of heat recovery, allocated during the crypto currency mining is integrated in the heat supply system of the house. The uniqueness of the project is symbiosis of high returns of information technology with a conservative asset in the real estate market.

The set of applied technologies gives a synergistic effect in the energy and heat efficiency of the house. Careful calculation of the project allows to maximize the benefits of materials used in construction. The use of modern technologies allows the developer to do a quick and high-quality construction of the house.

The construction of the farm will use the components and technologies of such world producers as BitFury (ASIC chip using 16 nm technology BF8162C16), Immers (immersion cooling system with absolutely safe refrigerant “STORUS-OHL14”). Also, we will use our own engineering developments to integrate the mining farm into the infrastructure of the house.

“The idea of mining crypto currency came to us when we were looking for opportunities to diversify the construction business. And we found common basis for technology. Mining has two features that limit its use: high power consumption and large heat dissipation during operation”

The project Estate Coin takes care of its investors and offers them unique investment conditions. Firstly, in a year the profit will be 3%. Secondly, in addition to the fixed yields in accordance with the BUYBACK plan, every 3 months after the launch of the mining farm, the value of the Estate Coin token will increase in proportion to the amount of coins mined. Thirdly, you can quickly exit at any with considering of income under the project redemption plan.

As a result, all participants of the project will benefit: investors receive additional income for their investments, the developer receives financing to build up the portfolio of projects, the owners of the constructed housing optimize the costs of heating their apartments.

Everybody is winning!

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