New Convenient Layout Released by Matrixport Platform


Click. Trade. Loan. They do the rest. New convenient layout released by Matrixport platform

In order to provide users a quality experience, Matrixport officially launched Matrixport’s new official website. Matrixport’s new website changed the overall style, changing the main tone to technical blue and increased the dynamic effect and interaction, giving people a cool visual sense while enhancing the interactive experience.

Matrixport is a financial services company spun off from the world’s leading ASIC chip (mining computers) producer Bitmain Technologies. With its rich industry resources and leading technology capabilities, it strives to offer its clients innovative products. Thanks to the leader position that Bitmain enjoys in the mining hardware market, Matrixport has a very established clientele since its very beginning. Although being a start-up, Matrixport already has more than 160 employees worldwide with the majority of them working for the technical side and the rest having a strong financial industry background (with past experience at Deutsche Bank, Citi, Merrill Lynch, etc.). It can be said with confidence that the company’s knowhow on everything crypto, blockchain and financial products is solid and proven.

With all these favourable conditions, the whole Matrixport product development team works hard and intensively on designing new exciting offerings to satisfy a rapid growing market. The recently launched dual currency product and zero interest loan are two very good examples.

The Dual Currency Product is a non-principal protected investment product with a floating return (up to 50-100% annualised). The yield of the product is secured at the time of purchase, but the currency to be settled in is a function of the numeric comparison between settlement price at expiry versus linked price. It is a short-term investment product.

Matrixport also provides liquidity to its clients against cryptocurrencies as collateral. The Zero Interest Loan offers interesting opportunities to obtain a loan with zero interest and zero risk of liquidation. The product is entirely customised. By giving up the opportunity cost of potential bitcoin upside through the profit-taking point, client gets to enjoy the benefits of zero interest, downside protection, and the assurance of zero risk of liquidation and no additional collateral top-up. This is particularly suitable to clients who don’t want to take the risk of potential collateral top-up or forced liquidation, who focus on stable yielding and expect price would not rise beyond the profit-taking price at maturity, thus to have risk mitigation of drastic market declines in BTC at maturity.

The above mentioned two examples from Matrixport are just the beginning. We have reason to believe that in the new future, Matrixport will also launch other exciting and innovative products.

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