NFT Platform DigiCol Kickstarts the $200K DGCL Token Sale on New Derivatives Exchange ACDX

  • DigiCol will commence its DGCL token sale on ACDX from 24 to 28 December 2020
  • The token is selling at a price of $0.1 to support DigiCol’s long-term development
  • With the impeccable team and immense market size, DigiCol is destined to success

Seychelles, December 23, 2020 – DigiCol, the world’s first decentralized platform to empower users with one-click NFT creation, announced to kickstart the first-ever $200K DGCL token sale on crypto derivatives exchange ACDX.IO.

NFT stands for non-fungible tokens which are categorized as heterogeneous digital assets. With DigiCol, users can obtain secure ownership of their asset while also be able to trade NFTs in the DigiCol marketplace without the hassles of connecting to a third-party wallet.

First Token Sale

DigiCol is on its way to provide the infrastructure for the next wave of NFT adoption with the help of their utility token DGCL. Their ultimate goal is to evolve into a decentralized autonomous organization where DGCL token holders can control the future direction and development of the platform. Apart from the governance feature, DGCL facilitates the exchange and liquidity of NFTs as well. It aims to be an all-rounded utility token in the DigiCol platform.

The first public token sale of DGCL on ACDX.IO is commencing from 24 to 28 December 2020 and will be raising $200K to support the long-term development of DigiCol. It will be selling at a price of $0.1 at the sale. The subscription details are available here. In the case of oversubscription, the format of a lottery draw is adopted. The spot trading market of DGCL/USDT will be opened at ACDX on 29 December 2020.

Changing the NFT Landscape

DigiCol drastically transforms the way crypto enthusiasts interact with NFTs. In the past, NFT users faced stiff technical barriers to creating and using NFT since advanced coding knowledge and a deep familiarity with third-party wallets like MetaMask are typically required.

However, it all changes with DigiCol. From now on, users are empowered to create NFTs with just one click. What is more, they can launch them into a liquid marketplace and earn rewards when their tokens are traded.

All-Star Team

DigiCol has put together a star-studded team to design and deploy the platform. The CEO of DigiCol, Eric Shim, has spent the past three years at Hanwha Group helping financial enterprises optimize their digital strategy. The COO of DigiCol, Henry Joo, was directly involved with the incubation and launch of Pokemon Go in the Japanese market.

The project is advised by Andy Cheung, the founder of ACDX. Andy has provided valuable insights to the development of the project with his tremendous experience in serving executive roles at global enterprises such as Groupin and Alibaba. With the star-studded team behind DigiCol, the project is destined to success.

Immense Market Size

According to Statista, the global art market value is 64.12 billion in 2019. While the market remains predominantly offline, online sales have seen increasing growth in recent years with the global online art sales amounted to nearly 6 billion in 2019.  It is forecasted that the value will rise to around 9.5 billion by 2024.

“DigiCol is really focusing on digitalizing the collectibles industry. It is revolutionizing how artists interact with collectors. In the near future, every art piece must come with a NFT for digital proof of authentication. Looking at the global market size of art and collectibles and with the uprising market of digital ones, you can imagine the enormous opportunity that DigiCol is exploiting,” commented Eric Shim, CEO of DigiCol.

About DigiCol

DigiCol is transforming how NFTs can be created, traded, and used. With DigiCol, users can create NFTs with one-click. A vast marketplace of NFTs will be at their fingertips. Their NFTs can also be used to access liquidity in the form of other valuable assets.

DGCL Token Sale: click here

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