Nosy Blob

Nosy Blobs launch the first Solana based deflationary NFT collection.

What are Nosy Blobs?

 Mushy jellies! Yes, Nosy Blobs are a cosmic collection of 5.460 NFTs coming directly from Mars.

That’s what we discovered on their official website:

“These “Blobs” emerged from a crater in Mars in which a secret and unclear scientific research was taking place. The jellies were able to reach our world thanks to the Mars-Earth alignment, in which the planets are just 54,6 million km apart. […]”

Let’s not stop here. Indeed, these jellies are very sticky and they’re creating chaos all over the planet by merging all type of things – even the living ones – to their sloppy body.

“Each of our NFT jellies will be composed of a colorful body, eyes, maybe brain, common objects and extremely rare artifacts coming from all around the globe.”

With over 5,000 blobs in this unique collection, there will be not a single similar jelly.

What makes Nosy Blobs unique?

Nosy Blobs aren’t regular NFTs: they can merge to become more rare and valuable. Not only does the merging decrease the overall supply, but the resulting blob will be of a higher level and rarity than the previous ones.

Think about it as the Bored Ape NFTs mutant evolution. With Nosy Blobs, you can merge two blobs to create a “mutant,” but the extra feature here is by combining the two NFTs, users are also essentially burning one NFT out of the total supply, thereby increasing every NFTs value.

In addition, the higher the level of your blob, the higher the reward you will get for merging your Nosy Blobs NFT.

How to get Nosy Blob NFTs?

The date and the price for the Nosy Blob NFTs mint will soon be revealed.

However, by now you can join the Nosy Blobs discord community to stay update and to get access to limited NFT raffles and special rewards each week.

Follow Nosy Blobs on:

Discord: nosyblobs
Twitter: @nosyblobs
Instagram: @nosyblobs



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