Online Betting Decentralized: Chancer Announces P2P Betting Without the House

It’s no secret that, in gambling, the house always comes out on top. Despite this, the online betting market was valued at approximately $63.53 billion in 2022. Realizing the need for change, two brothers, Adam and Paul Kelbie, set about creating a new paradigm for betting enthusiasts through Chancer, a decentralized betting platform powered by a new crypto token called CHANCER. 

Today, you’ll discover how Chancer works, why it’s poised to transform the gambling industry, and why CHANCER could be one of the hottest new cryptos on the market.

Chancer: A new era of betting

As the online betting market proliferates, so does the need for fairer betting processes. Enter Chancer, a groundbreaking new crypto project aiming to revolutionize the online betting scene with its peer-to-peer (P2P) model. Instead of betting against the house, users become the house, creating their prediction markets for virtually any event they can think of, such as who will become the next President of the United States or if it’ll rain in Los Angeles tomorrow. 

Through Chancer, the legacy systems of traditional online betting platforms could be made obsolete and replaced by a democratized approach that empowers users to bet directly with each other. These bets can range from a personal wager amongst a small group of friends to a massive, viral event with thousands of bettors, with each bet made in the CHANCER token. 

The co-founders, Adam and Paul Kelbie, are making their bet that Chancer will be a disruptive force in the gambling industry. By leveraging blockchain technology, they predict that Chancer will offer a new level of control and transparency almost unheard of in the current online betting market — an aspect expected to attract both betting enthusiasts and crypto investors alike. 

Chancer is more than a simple online betting platform

In the world of centralized bookmakers, the house sets the odds, the rules, and the payouts. It’s a rigid framework that has seen little evolution over the past couple of decades, besides increasingly stacking the odds against the average bettor. In contrast, Chancer users can create their own decentralized betting markets, their own odds, and can rely on an independent resolution source (verified by impartial moderators) with no restrictions. 

In other words, whereas the centralized betting model focuses on extracting as much value as possible, Chancer aims to maximize value for its users. For example, the CHANCER token will allow for fast payouts with minimal fees, while transactions will be indelibly recorded on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. In addition, its Share2Earn program rewards users for creating markets and encouraging participation, opening up a new income stream beyond their winnings. 

Like many of the best betting platforms, Chancer will also offer live streams using Google’s WebRTC, meaning it’ll be easy to watch games and events alongside thousands of users worldwide. Other aspects, like community-driven games, a planned decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), and staking rewards, paint a picture of a platform committed to creating an inclusive and interactive betting experience.

The CHANCER token presale

Chancer’s new crypto token, CHANCER, is every betting enthusiast’s passport to a vibrant P2P betting platform. Every bet and payout is made in CHANCER, as are market-making and staking rewards. 

Given Chancer’s potential to transform the online betting industry as it’s known today, the demand for CHANCER could snowball in the coming months — as could its price. As the platform gains traction, its user base could swell practically overnight, driving demand and, ultimately, gains for CHANCER investors.

For now, though, the new crypto token is still in its infancy. Its upcoming presale, comprising 12 stages, is hotly anticipated by those in the know. CHANCER’s initial stage one price of $0.01 seems exceptionally undervalued in the context of Chancer’s vision, and its role as the key to a revolutionary betting platform only adds to its allure.

Final thoughts

Chancer represents a leap forward in the online betting landscape. Its P2P betting model shifts the power from the house to the individual. Moreover, the CHANCER token’s integral role on the platform highlights a lucrative opportunity. The project is still in its infancy, yet the odds look stacked in Chancer’s favor.

You can take part in the CHANCER presale here.


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