Online Gaming Community Backs Metacade After Token Lists on Uniswap. Investors Are Flocking to Buy MCADE Tokens As They Hit Exchanges

With more and more people looking to play games online each day, online gaming community platforms have seen explosive growth in recent years. However, as the GameFi sector grows, the need for Web3-ready gaming communities has accelerated. That’s where Metacade comes in.

In this article, you’ll learn what Metacade is, why it’s attracted so much attention in the past few weeks, and where experts think MCADE could end up price-wise by the end of this year.

What is Metacade (MCADE)?

Metacade is an up-and-coming play-to-earn (P2E) platform that aims to be Web3’s central meeting place for all things GameFi. It’s a blockchain-based community hub where gamers, developers, and crypto enthusiasts come together to make new friends, play games online, and have their say in producing some of the very best P2E games.

Metacade takes inspiration from legacy online gaming platforms, offering dedicated forums for individual games, spaces for real-time chat, and events, like tournaments and prize draws, to foster a sense of community engagement. However, it’s also taking advantage of blockchain technology to elevate the user experience, with its native MCADE coin functioning as both a multi-purpose utility and governance token.

For example, users are rewarded with MCADE tokens for offering insightful reviews, sharing the hottest online gaming alpha, and contributing to the community in other ways. There are exciting plans for a testing environment where users can pick up casual work giving feedback on the latest P2E games in return for MCADE tokens.

Why Are Investors Rushing to Pick Up MCADE Tokens?

MCADE raised $16.4 million in its sell-out presale, which caused both online gaming fans and crypto investors to take notice of Metacade. Its Uniswap listing went off without a hitch, with those that picked up MCADE tokens at the start of presale realizing their gains of as much as  150%. Now, with upcoming centralized exchange listings on Bitmart and MEXC, expected later this month and in early May, respectively, investors have been rushing to buy MCADE.

But what’s led to this flood of investment? One reason many investors cite is the platform’s idea of a strong community focus. Metacade emphasizes building an engaged community, which is crucial for the success of any crypto project. A vibrant online gaming community is expected to drive growth, adoption, and, ultimately, the value of the platform’s native MCADE token.

Another reason is the value Metacade offers to its users. As mentioned, there are plans to enable users to participate in casual testing on the platform. But Metacade will also implement a fully-fledged job and gig board in 2024, allowing anyone to find work in the Web3 and gaming industries through exclusive partnerships and opportunities.

An extension of this value proposition is the Metagrant program, which offers developers the chance to win funding from the Metacade treasury. Developers submit their P2E online gaming proposals to one of the Metagrant competitions for MCADE holders to vote on. Those that get the most votes win financing to get their idea off the ground. Anyone looking to play games online will log on to Metacade’s virtual arcade and find these community-backed titles waiting for them.

The company recently partnered with MetaStudio, which develops innovative metaverse games. And with MCADE now listing on CoinMarketCap, these investors might be on to something. Also noteworthy was Metacade’s staking pool becoming full in under five hours, highlighting the community’s confidence in its long-term prospects.

Metacade (MCADE) Price Prediction

With P2E and online gaming only set to grow in the coming years, most analysts are exceptionally bullish on the MCADE token. Metacade is currently priced at around $0.016, according to CoinMarketCap, but many see much more upside throughout the rest of 2023. Some Metacade price predictions suggest the token could reach $0.25 this year as a growing user base attracts players to the platform.

More bullish predictions forecast that MCADE could even hit the $0.60 mark as the platform gains traction and establishes itself as a significant player in the GameFi space. If Metacade can capitalize on its growth effectively, then experts have forecast a possible price level of as much as $0.80, putting current investors up 4900%!

Metacade’s (MCADE) Potential is Significant

In summary, Metacade has immense potential to become a beacon of P2E and online gaming. As more users want to play games online and explore the GameFi space, Metacade will likely see significant growth in the coming months and years.

You can buy Metacade here.


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