Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Is Set To Become One of the Top Crypto Presales of 2022

2022 has put many new projects to the test. While hundreds of new projects entered the market each month, many would collapse in a matter of weeks. This is because some lacked the utility to succeed, while others were still trying to live off the hype of the 2021 bull market.

At the same time, a select few projects thrived. One such project is the Orbeon Protocol, which is currently entering the second phase of its presale. In this article, we’ll look at why investors are excited about Orbeon Protocol and why ORBN’s predicted 6000% gains in presale makes it one of the top cryptocurrency options of 2022.


Orbeon Protocol Smashes Stage One Targets

In stage one of its presale Orbeon Protocol secured over $9.5 million, becoming one of the most sought-after projects of 2022.

As ORBN enters its second stage of the presale, analysts predict its price could surge over 6,000%. This would make it one of the highest-returning investments this year. So what sets it apart from other options in the market?

Orbeon Protocol aims to decentralize the $13.5 Billion crowdfunding industry, allowing everyday investors to support new businesses. Startup investment opportunities are usually only accessible to venture capitalists, who profit from early-stage growth before the company enters open markets.

This forces startups to rely on one funding source and compete with other startups to secure it. With Orbeon Protocol, startups can raise funds from a wider pool of investors, which creates new opportunities for founders and investors.

To create these opportunities, Orbeon Protocol utilizes NFT technology. Startups can mint fractional NFTs that represent equity in their business. These are then sold to investors for as low as $1, a comparatively low capital threshold, and held in Orbeon wallets.



Investors are protected with a “Fill or Kill” mechanism to guarantee maximum security. If a startup meets its funding requirements, smart contracts are “Filled,” and funds are released to the startup. If a startup fails to meet its funding requirements within a set period of time, the smart contract is “Killed,” and investments are fully refunded to investors.

In addition to opening up the crowdfunding market. Orbeon Protocol also offers lucrative incentives for all ORBN token holders. Holders are granted access to early funding rounds, receive discounts on trades, and have voting rights on protocol policies. They also have access to exclusive investor groups, where they will be the first to hear about market trends.

With its innovative approach to crowdfunding and attractive incentives for investors, Orbeon Protocol stands out as an appealing investment option for those seeking to make crypto gains. If successful, it could revolutionize how startups secure funding and create a fairer system that rewards all participants. As such, ORBN token holders can expect to see significant returns on their investments.

And with an upcoming Metaverse planned and integrations arranged for the top exchanges, Orbeon Protocol is looking to become one of the top crypto presales of 2022. The price of ORBN is currently $0.014, though experts predict this could rise to $0.24 by the end of the year. The second phase of its presale has just started, and with prices rising almost daily, investors are describing ORBN as one of the best investments this year.

Find Out More About The Orbeon Protocol Presale

Website: https://orbeonprotocol.com/

Presale: https://presale.orbeonprotocol.com/register

Telegram: https://t.me/OrbeonProtocol

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