Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Set To Perform As Well As Quant (QNT) and Elrond (EGLD)

Ahead of the crypto bear market, Elrond (EGLD) and Quant (QNT) were two of the most prominent cryptocurrencies, and still maintain popularity today with significant successes.

Another project garnering similar levels of attention is Orbeon Protocol (ORBN), which offers investors the chance to make fractional investments in early-stage enterprises through the usage of NFTs and comes with real-world use cases.

Orbeon protocol is currently in phase 3 of its presale and is already set to match both Quant (QNT) and Elrond (EGLD). The ORBN token is moving quickly and is projected to multiply by 6000% in the next few weeks.


Quant (QNT)

Quant (QNT) is a blockchain interoperability protocol built for decentralized finance (DeFi). The project’s overarching objective is to facilitate the worldwide interconnection of blockchains and networks without compromising on their respective performance or their capacity to communicate with one another.

It’s groundbreaking because it’s the first attempt to build a decentralized operating system for blockchain networks.

Since blockchain technology’s inception, other networks catering to distinct industries have sprouted up. Interoperability issues across distinct blockchains quickly become a bottleneck for many initiatives. Quant is intended to serve as that bridge between different blockchains.

The QNT coin is the Quant network’s native token. The token is used to cover transaction costs and as collateral during exchanges. It’s possible that well-known blockchains such as Ethereum and Polygon may give Quant a run for its money, despite Quant’s compelling use case.

Quant has just fallen by almost 8% due to a sell-off in the cryptocurrency market. The coin has broken down below its 200 EMA in a pattern, suggesting additional losses. Despite this, Quant is set to thrive in the upcoming bull market thanks to its innovative use cases.

Elrond (EGLD) or MultiversX

Elrond (EGLD), now known as MultiversX, is a blockchain system for developing and operating dApps. The mission of this project is to supply a scalable, high-performance foundation for distributed software.

There have been a lot of recent shifts in focus toward the metaverse, and Elrond is only one example. The project’s new name is MultiversX, and the Elrond (EGLD) token will continue to use the same symbol. The blockchain promises to be completely carbon neutral and to have a transaction speed of cost of $0.00025.

However, Elrond’s latest metaverse turn does not appear to have won over investors. Elrond’s price has dropped by almost 12% as a result of the recent market sell-off. This might mean further trouble for the token’s value in the future. Regardless of Elrond’s recent price action due to market movement, it is still considered a good project with strong fundamentals to be considered by any investor looking for long term gains.


Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) aims to disrupt the VC market by bridging the gap between startups and investors in the web3 sphere. Orbeon Protocol allows startups to raise capital from the general public for as little as $1 by issuing fractionalized NFTs backed by equity. This is a much more accessible form of investment that not only allows for more efficient funding rounds, but also serves to democratize the VC industry.

Orbeon Protocol’s (ORBN) token not only gives holders access to exciting investment options in promising new enterprises, but it also grants voting and governance rights inside the network. It also provides bonuses like staking rewards and transaction fee discounts.

The value of ORBN will rise and its significance will grow as the adoption of the Orbeon Protocol expands. As a result, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) has attracted a huge number of investors and is rapidly setting new benchmarks in the cryptocurrency market.

The price of ORBN is anticipated to climb by a whopping 6000% in the near future. At that rate, the token’s value would be $0.24 when it first goes on sale on an exchange, and match both Quant and Elrond in terms of popularity.

Find Out More About The Orbeon Protocol Presale

Website: https://orbeonprotocol.com/

Presale: https://presale.orbeonprotocol.com/register

Telegram: https://t.me/OrbeonProtocol


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