Oryen Network offers a Golden Opportunity to invest early into a Presale Gem, while Chiliz, Cronos, and Algorand disappoint

There are a few ways to choose from when it comes to investing in cryptocurrency, and one of them is to invest in presales. This is a great way to get in on the ground floor of a new project at the best price possible. However, presales often have limited spots, so it is essential to research and invest promptly.

Oryen Network is one such cryptocurrency offering its users a chance to make a massive profit with its ICO. It has managed to give 300% gains to its investors in just a short period and could have even more upside potential in the coming weeks. In addition, crypto analysts and experts like Jim Crypto and Steven Clarke also support the project and have a lot of confidence in its future growth.

What is the Oryen Network?

Oryen Network is a brand-new DeFi project to revolutionize traditional staking protocols. This decentralized staking platform offers crypto traders a fixed daily return of 0.177%, and these rewards are compounded and distributed directly to the user’s wallet.

In addition, the platform also incorporates a separate RFV (Risk-Free Value) wallet that holds additional funds, stabilizes the liquidity pool, and secures yield payouts during challenging periods. Moreover, it just released a DEX and DApp and plans to roll out an NFT project to make crypto trading more efficient and profitable. Business2Community recently published a detailed article on the project and has listed Oryen as one of the top DeFi projects in 2022.

However, Oryen Network utilizes a dynamic presale structure. It has nine stages, with prices increasing week-on-week. Furthermore, Oryen has a launch price of $0.35, no vesting, and is automatically airdropped to holder wallets, giving all ICO buyers an equal chance to receive presale profits. So, if you want to invest in ORY, here is how you can do so.


Presale Session Date ORY Price Purchase Bonus
Presale 2 02 Nov — 09 Nov $0.1 10%
Presale 3 09 Nov — 16 Nov $0.11 9%
Presale 4 16 Nov — 23 Nov $0.12 8%
Presale 5 23 Nov — 02 Dec $0.15 7%
Presale 6 02 Nov — 09 Dec $0.175 5%
Presale 7 09 Nov — 16 Dec $0.21 5%
Presale 8 16 Nov — 23 Dec $0.25 5%
Presale 9 23 Nov — 27 Dec $0.3 0%

Understanding Chiliz Crypto

Chiliz (CHZ) is a cryptocurrency made for sports fans, allowing them to have a unique experience with their favorite sports teams through fan engagement. A sports team can partner up with the Chillz platform to offer users a set of fan tokens, which can be bought using the CHZ token. These fan tokens can be purchased through socios.com, a platform that powers the Chillz ecosystem.

What is Cronos?

Cronos (CRO) is the native currency of the exchange platform – crypto.com. Crypto.com is a global exchange platform that offers its customers the opportunity to buy, sell, and stake cryptocurrencies. In addition, the platform provides a variety of trading and investment opportunities for users. CRO is a utility token tasked with powering the platform’s blockchain and validating its transactions.

What is ALGO cryptocurrency?

Algorand (ALGO) is a new-generation blockchain project that aims to offer its users a secure and faster way to transact on a network. It is an open-source platform and uses the Proof-of-Stake mechanism to facilitate transactions. It is designed to work as a payment processor, much like Visa or Mastercard, but it can handle micropayments and other microtransactions.

Bottom Line

Oryen Network is an excellent opportunity for investors who want to get in on the ground floor of a new cryptocurrency. It has the potential to make massive profits, and it has the support of some of the biggest names in the industry. So if you are considering investing in cryptocurrency, Oryen Network is worth a closer look.

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