Oryen Network Presale making Waves within Cardano. Fantom and Uniswap Communities after 200% surge


Amid the latest crypto meltdown caused by the collapse of FTX, many investors have opted out of the market after absorbing mega losses. Loss-making communities have turned to the best-performing projects in a bid to rebuild their portfolios.

One project receiving the most attention from these communities is Oryen. The protocol has attracted interest from seasoned traders and beginners for its highly-rewarding passive income platform. Also, Oryen’s presale performance is unmatched after gaining 200% in the current market environment.

Understanding Oryen Network

Primarily, Oryen is an income-generating platform that leverages blockchain technology to secure its operations. The protocol has a powerful staking technology that generates 90% APY for users holding $ORY – Oryen’s native token. Moreover, the technology makes staking as easy with its buy-hold-earn mechanism. This feature is unlike most crypto staking protocols, which require users to lock funds and still offer diminishing yields.

Oryen is built to remain sustainable in the long term. For this, developers designed a framework that keeps $ORY afloat during extreme volatility. This multilayered framework features a rebase token system, a buy-and-sell tax model, and asset reserves.

The rebase token system regulates $ORY supply in the market according to market conditions. The tax mechanism incentivizes investors to hold $ORY. Lastly, the asset reserves are deployed to price $ORY when markets crash. Altogether, Oryen’s powerful tools ensure $ORY’s value gradually appreciates.

What is Cardano?

Cardano is a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain protocol built through peer-reviewed research. The platform’s attention to detail has enabled it to achieve optimal energy efficiency for validating transactions. Also, Cardano is designed for durability and stability for top performance.

Cardano’s robust chain features a native token, $ADA, which is deployed to reward network participants and facilitate transactions. The token has plunged 20% this November.

What is Fantom?

Fantom is a permissionless decentralized blockchain with smart contract support. The chain boasts of higher scalability while remaining decentralized and secure. Essentially, Fantom is billed as an upgrade or alternative to Ethereum. You can build DApps and leverage Fantom’s features to create an exciting user experience.

Fantom’s $FTM is the nerve center of the chain, powering all on-chain utilities, including payments, staking, and governance. $FTM is down 30% following the FTX collapse.

What is Uniswap?

Uniswap is the largest decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform enables P2P token swaps via non-custodial wallets like MetaMask. Instead of order books, Uniswap features an automated market maker (AMM) to fill trade orders automatically.

Uniswap powers secure and transparent management of digital assets. The platform features a utility-rich token ($UNI) which facilitates token swaps and keeps the network fully decentralized. $UNI holders can vote on proposals and influence decision-making for the project. $UNI plunged 25% during the FTX-triggered collapse.

Final Takeaway

Uniswap, Fantom, and Cardano users are justifiably interested in Oryen. Their current projects have plummeted and caused massive portfolio losses. At the same time, Oryen has managed a 200% rise to issue the maximum rewards to the earliest project backers. Experts maintain confidence that Oryen will rally in 2023 to rank among the top. The project has simplified investment for many.

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