Our World Needs an Unfalsifiable Digital Trust

Is TrustUnion Going to Redefine Online Trust?

The mutation of trust in this digital age is probably a novel concept you may not have heard before. The blockchain revolution is on its way to initiate the novel terminologies as well as unique ideas to change the way businesses are operated. Online trust, a term quite popular these days, is one of the gifts granted by blockchain, and TrustUnion is all set to exploit the idea for the benefit for all. At TrustUnion, the CEO and co-founder Mathias Valon eagerly believes that our world needs an unfalsifiable digital trust. That’s a completely new paradigm that must be made the most.

The Background

TrustUnion is based on the concept of TRUST, a word that says a lot and works differently in different contexts of our lives. Trust has no exact definition. Previously, the trust was local and mostly institutional or accountability-based. However, the institutional trust doesn’t seem a right fit for our digital age. Nowadays, the trust against banks, governments, and institutions is diminishing faster and increasingly costly. The new upcoming challenge is how technology — and blockchain — will create new mechanisms that will enable us to really make people, companies, and ideas trustworthy and reduce the trust related cost. And at the same time how technology will enable millions of people across the world to take a real trust leap, open new business opportunity and make them more efficient.

How TrustUnion Leverages Upon the Idea?

TrustUnion is an inviolable, decentralized, tamper-proof cryptographic protocol and open database with an easy-to-use interface. It guarantees the integrity of real-time unlimited transactions through an innovative proof of weight system.

TrustUnion’s novel protocol transforms the real-life trust into the first digital, immutable one through the blockchain. The Chain of Trust is comparable to the small world phenomenon where everyone is linked together with very few people between them. Moreover, TrustUnion ensures the anonymity and protection of personal data while guaranteeing trustworthiness.

What’s Unique About TrustUnion?

TrustUnion’s meta-project with an advanced system of self-governance opens a new era of trade involving products and services. It solves a major problem for many industries and its possible applications are endless. Online trust changes our behavior in the real world, making more accountable in ways we cannot yet even imagine. The real digital trust will lead to countless changes and innovations. That’s the core idea behind TrustUnion that makes it stand out in the market.

I hope you would like to know more about TrustUnion and the ways to exploit the online trust technologies integrated with blockchain. To do that, I am more than glad to invite you to TrustUnion’s official Telegram channel. Feel free to write to them and explore the most unique features the platform is about to launch in the coming months.

Join TrustUnion now at https://t.me/TrustUnionOfficial and get connected instantly.

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