Oxfam International India Enters Into a New Donation Agreement With Cryptocurrency

The international NGO Oxfam India has sent a supporting message to the Crypto-World 2.0, this happened after reaching a “donation agreement” with COFREE (CovidFree Token), a new European cryptocurrency. COFREE has already sent, after only a few days of life and accounting with his 500 holders, the first donation to the Asian country through the aforementioned NGO, with operational infrastructure on the COVID battle front line.

This currency, COFREE, was created 20 days ago, with the purpose of raising funds for COVID relief and has formed its first international alliance, with Oxfam India, sending an initial donation of 222,000 rupees ($ 3,000). With this donation, Oxfam India will buy oxygen cylinders and medical supplies to help at least 50 children who are suffering the consequences of the covid19 virus. This 2.0 help, as the NGO referred to in Twitter[1], it’s only the beginning of the development of a new crypto concept, the #cryptocharity that CovidFree Token has launched to the world.

Eager to achieve the 1-million-dollar donation, the team of engineers that developed Covidfree Token, has launched a new fundraising campaign which consists of donating one dollar for each new holder who buys at least one dollar of COFREE.

The COFREE team, already in contact with other great NGOs and with “crypto-friendly” countries such as El Salvador, is now striving to find valuable projects around the world, including scientific research projects to achieve new developments from crypto ecosystem to improve society, and to be perceived by such society as an asset which improve people well-being around the world, regardless of their race, religion, place of birth, sex …

The cryptocurrency creators hope that in the coming days the number of holders will grow exponentially, thus achieving the longed project consolidation, a project that in just few days has already been able to achieve the objective of attracting international attention, improving the perception that countries have of the crypto ecosystem and, proudly for the COFREE community, provide help for at least 50 children in India.




  • Annex 1. Oxfam India donation receipt.

  • Annex 2. First donation breakdown.


[1] Official Oxfam India Twitter account where they request support for this crypto 2.0 project: https://twitter.com/OxfamIndia/status/1405796751961853952?s=20

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