Pepe coin (PEPE) Price Prediction In The Coming Months: Is It Time To Invest In PEPE?

Pepe coin (PEPE) was the sauce of the cryptocurrency market earlier this year, rallying by over 100,000% and rising to the meme market’s top three in the process. It was a launch to remember, and we are definitely not forgetting it anytime soon.

However, Pepe coin (PEPE) has been having a rough past two months. Since hitting its all-time high in May, the Pepe coin (PEPE) price has been going south, dipping an astonishing 70% from its ATH. The decline was down to several reasons, but there’s one conclusion investors are coming to; Pepe coin (PEPE) might never reach its peak again.

It’s terrible for those in the PEPE camp, but it’s been a fun rally anyways. Let’s see what the analysts are saying about PEPE’s price prediction.

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Pepe coin (PEPE): Should I Buy PEPE Now?

Pepe the Frog was an Internet meme that was created over 20 years ago and was famous all over the world. The meme was used to circulate political and racial propaganda and soon lost its goodwill. In 2023, Pepe the Frog rose again and was welcomed back. The reaction caused the Pepe coin (PEPE) to enter the crypto limelight, and voila! We had the run of the decade!

All that shows the power of the internet and social media trends. Pepe coin (PEPE) simply rode on Pepe the Frog’s fame and produced a launch that mirrored Shiba Inu’s success in 2021. But all that has changed in the past two months, as crypto experts cite a lack of utility as the reason for Pepe coin’s price decline. Analytics Insight reports a weekly dip of about 12% on the Pepe coin trading chart last week. There has been no update or development on the platform, and investors have since been pulling out of the project in search of greener–and more profitable–pastures.

And one of those pastures is Anarchy (ANA), the meme coin sensation that is rocking the crypto world. The token is touted to repeat Pepe coin’s success, as many analysts back the meme coin for massive profits this year. Anarchy (ANA) won’t be making any of PEPE’s mistakes, though, as the budding meme token is looking to dominate the meme market soon.

Anarchy’s presale is here and all everyone is talking about is how to get in. Before that, here are some features to expect from the newbie project.


Anarchy (ANA) Is The Token Of The Season

Anarchy’s presale is attracting investors and crypto whales from all over the cryptoverse, as it promises to be the best crypto token in 2023. With experts predicting a 100x profit margin, investors have thrown their weight behind the token to lock in their profits for the year.

And while Anarchy (ANA) ensures that its users are well catered for with profits, it intends to remain at the top of the cryptocurrency market for as long as it can. As we said, Anarchy (ANA) will not be committing the errors Pepe coin (PEPE) made, so its developers have compiled some features that will ensure that the token keeps its value in the crypto-verse.

Here you go!

First off, Anarchy (ANA) protocol will burn 0.5% of every sell-and-transfer transaction on the platform. The deflationary mechanism ensures that the total token supply keeps reducing, thus increasing the scarcity of the ANA coin.

Secondly, the DAO on Anarchy (ANA) is responsible for all the decisions concerning the platform’s growth. The DAO finances projects that will eventually bring utility to crypto users and profits to the DAO. Of course, only DAO members get to share the proceeds from such investments. The projects could be DApps or exchanges, and the utility they provide will help keep Anarchy (ANA) relevant for users in the crypto-verse.

The funds for crypto projects on Anarchy (ANA) come from the DAO’s common wallet, the DAO treasury. The treasury gets a 4.5% commission from all transactions that occur on Anarchy’s platform, so it is self-sufficient, requiring no input from DAO members. The Gnosis Safe protocol safeguards the DAO treasury, ensuring that only authorized users can access the funds.

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Anarchy (ANA) Presale Updates

The Anarchy (ANA) presale is already well over $2 million in revenue, and users are streaming in daily to get their ANA tokens. It’s only a matter of time before the 100x profit boon lapses, and here’s your chance to bag your Anarchy tokens and lock in maximum profits.

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