PEPE Fork is UP – Is Pikamoon Next in Line?

The cryptocurrency market has always been known for its unpredictability and potential for massive gains. With the recent rise of memecoins and GameFi tokens, interest in the industry continues to grow, with the latest memecoin phenomena coming by way of PepeFork ($PORK).

Serving as a spin-off to 2023’s Pepe Coin (PEPE), PORK coin has exploded amid a flurry of controversy regarding project founders, which is why profit-seekers and blockchain gaming enthusiasts have also started flocking to one of the space’s most exciting initial coin offering (ICOs), Pikamoon (PIKA).

What is PepeFork?

$PORK was created by X user Pauly0x, with the goal supposedly being to enhance PEPE with more features and rewards. That being said, such figure has since been entrenched in controversy, as speculation of FORK being a ‘ponzi scheme’ that’s utilising the hype of PEPE has arisen.

In true memecoin fashion, Pepe Fork coin has a supply of 420.69 trillion tokens (a nod to the popular 420 and 69 memes). It made its debut on Uniswap, paired with WETH, and is also available for trading on MEXC.

In wake of its launch, the price of PORK has skyrocketed, reaching a market cap of over $200m in just 48 hours! At the time of writing, PORK has a market cap of around $293 million, placing it in the top 2,300 projects on CoinMarketCap. It has a fully diluted market cap of $393 million, and 24-hour trade volume of around $50 million

As of now, you can trade PORK coins on crypto platforms such as Uniswap, LBank, and MEXC Global.


With the utility-less and controversial PORK causing a stir across crypto social media, those seeking similar profits but with added stability have stumbled across $PIKA, the native token of play-to-earn (P2E) Pokémon-inspired Web3 game Pikamoon.

PIKA has a 50 billion total supply, with 40% of such being allocated to its sell-out-bound Presale. Of this, ~24% of Presale tokens are still up for grabs for $0.0006, with the community looking forward to the token soon being launched on crypto exchanges.

Currently, Pikamoon has a market cap that’s miniscule in comparison to that of PORK. It also has a market cap that’s 30x smaller than its leading GameFi competitors. As all traders know, small market caps typically indicate room for exponential value appreciations.

And of course, contributing to this is Pikamoons’s highly-anticipated Play-to-Earn (P2E) metaverse and the corresponding demand pumps for PIKA. To find out more about Pikamoon and its PIKA-governed DeFi ecosystem, visit some of the ‘top crypto lists’ that PIKA features on.

Pikamoon Vs PepeFork – How Do They Compare?

Both PIKA and PepeFork have very different characteristics and value propositions.

PepeFork is a typical memecoin with no real utility or innovation, as well as a high inflation rate due to its huge supply. Additionally, PORK coin relies on hype and speculation to drive its price, which makes it volatile and risky.

Pikamoon, on the other hand, is a game-changing GameFi project, with a clear vision, astute roadmap, and a low inflation rate due to its limited supply and burn mechanism.

Even better, the token remains at its ‘bottom’ through still being in its highly-discounted Presale stage – meaning risks are minimised and profit taking opportunities are maximised.

Nonetheless, the crypto consensus suggests that Whales are investing in both coins. This is because many are not satisfied with the volatility of memecoins, therefore meaning that they want to diversify their portfolio via a real project with substantial utility and a low market cap.

In turn, adopting this double investment strategy can also be streamlined through using an Ethereum crypto wallet (as they support both tokens). For extra security, you can even opt for a hardware wallet, such as industry-leader Ledger.


PepeFork & PIKA – Final Thoughts

While $PORK is a typical meme coin with high volatility and speculation-driven value, Pikamoon is a GameFi project with a clear vision, low market cap, and various benefits for holders.

With stability being reinforced that’s to Pikamoon the game, Whales from the PepeFork community are diversifying their portfolios via PIKA, recognising the token’s potential for success and appreciating its fundamentally driven approach. So, if you feel like you’ve missed the boat on PORK, hop on the PIKA ICO whilst you still can.

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