Permabull Defiant, Says Bitcoin Will Pump Harder, Will This Drive $DOMI’s Meteoritic Rise?

Bitcoin ($BTC) hovered around the $30,000 mark for the better part of July, showing signs of an encouraging recovery. However, it recently hit lows of $25,500 before rising slightly. While this decline caused jitters, analysts and HODLers remain strongly optimistic about $BTC’s prospects.

The long term positive sentiment in the crypto market is amid the launch of ($DOMI), a project seeking to revolutionize the art industry by enabling broader participation in art.

Bitcoin Surge: Catalyst for $DOMI’s Meteoric Rise?

Bitcoin’s tepid sideway movements haven’t sparked strong demand. Still, how long-term holders behave can influence price action in the months ahead.

Amid this general apathy, is well-positioned to be among the best cryptos to invest in in the next bull run, pumping $DOMI to new highs. The platform aims to level the playing field in the inherently biased art industry. It will tap on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to fractionalize valuable assets, making $DOMI one of the top crypto coins.

Although it may seem unconventional for a cryptocurrency project, is ambitious and has laid a clear roadmap towards achieving this objective. Its goal is to challenge the centralized nature of the sector, which currently permits wealthy individuals to control and even hog prestigious art and popular NFTs. aims to tokenize the art industry, where $DOMI, its native token, will play a huge role in enabling the trading of NFTs listed in its vibrant art marketplace.

Art enthusiasts now have the opportunity to own valuable artwork as whole or fractional pieces through NFTs. This revolutionary platform ensures all transactions are on-chain, ensuring maximum trust and security.

The marketplace connects NFTs with art lovers, aligning with’s mission. Enhancing access to art will also benefit creators. With in the picture, the platform creates a new micro-economy, primed by $DOMI, which is gradually gaining recognition as one of the best cryptocurrency to buy.

In the ongoing presale, $DOMI is available for $0.0021 but will likely surge in the months after launch, benefiting early adopters who capitalize on’s value proposition. Gains could be further amplified, especially if $BTC recovers and rallies above $32k in the coming weeks. has been designed with a robust technological foundation, offering practicality that makes it sustainable and less vulnerable to market fluctuations. By leveraging the blockchain, the platform records different aspects of projects, including a selection of its trending NFTs and how it distributes its 1 billion $DOMI.

The project has set aside 65% of the total supply for investors and the public while allocating the remaining tokens to marketing, liquidity pools, and advisors. $DOMI is also vested for 12 weeks. This distribution strategy aims to establish a strong tokenomics structure, which will help the project withstand any future market challenges.

Permabulls Still High on Bitcoin

The cryptocurrency industry’s stability often hinges on $BTC’s performance. How Bitcoin behalves often sets the tone for the broader industry. As sentiment improves, emerging altcoins like $DOMI will likely post strong gains and draw even more users to its ongoing presale.

Presently, $BTC is moving inside a narrow range but away from the primary support at around the $25,000 level. That prices found support and didn’t sink lower, aligning with the worrying losses of August 17, signals strength, investor confidence, and possible undervaluation. Going forward, $BTC prices may recover, driving altcoins to new levels.


A recovery in $BTC will be massive for crypto, benefiting emerging but high-growth projects like The art project’s approach to the sector makes its native token, $DOMI, a token with more upsides. Notably, the platform’s focus on fractionalization and sustainability could propel them to become some of the top cryptocurrencies to invest in.


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