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Phenom Metaverse – The New Stage of Global Digital Era


The Phenom team, who have brought to life the Phenom Ecosystem, introduces the Phenom Metaverse that will unite multiple tools and industries. The development of this revolutionary virtual universe has already begun, and the release is scheduled for 2022.

Augmented and virtual reality is projected to be one of the biggest trends of 2022, and we have already felt the influence of this gradual shift. Since 2020, virtual performances and festivals like in-game Fortnite and Minecraft events have been extremely popular, let alone dozens of emerging metaverse projects.

As Mark Zuckerberg introduced Meta, the new metaverse ecosystem uniting all existing apps and technologies of Facebook, other companies started looking in the same direction. However, Phenom has already been working on its own Metaverse for a while and has planned its release for 2022.

Phenom Metaverse is a virtual universe that will consist of multiple tools and even systems with different opportunities within several industries. Users will be able to communicate, work, study, play games, and simply live in the developed virtual world.

Our Metaverse technology will be a perfect successor to existing presentation tools, distance learning systems, and voice communication. It will upgrade the digital world as we know it and introduce plenty of new possibilities to the community – Yaroslav Gordeev, CEO of Phenom Ecosystem.

At the moment, the Phenom team is busy developing the basic functionality of the Metaverse, including space and communication opportunities. According to the official roadmap, the project will implement Avatars, events, playgrounds, different games, and an entire NFT marketplace by the end of 2021.

Here’s a short list of the features that are to be developed in the near time:

  • Avatars – users’ personal virtual images.
  • Aura – ranking, reputation, and opportunities within the Metaverse.
  • Closed clubs – exclusive clubs for specific groups of users.
  • Creatures – digital alter-egos with unique capabilities.
  • Events – virtual events that users can access from anywhere in the world.
  • NFT marketplace – auctions and exhibitions of various NFTs.
  • Headliners – guest stars of the Metaverse.
  • Playgrounds – spaces allowing playing and earning rewards.
  • “Racing” – a digital analog of the racetrack.

Moreover, the team developing Phenom Metaverse is going to implement different areas and entire planets dedicated to specific activities. Thus, there will be a gaming planet, an NFT planet, a special area for streams and voice communication, and much more. Of course, they will all be separated from each other to unite like-minded users and provide enough space to everyone. Besides, different access levels will enable necessary privacy for all Metaverse users.

The Phenom Metaverse is projected to be released in 2022, starting with an iOS-based application, which will be followed by an Android version. In the future, Phenom will focus on user requests and build the next products and upgrades according to their needs.

About Phenom

Phenom is a high-tech digital space where services, products, and solutions are organized around users’ needs. Phenom Ecosystem is a decentralized system of digital products that unites thousands of people worldwide. It helps users benefit from blockchain technology and get profit by monetizing their time and smartphone resources.

Image: Pixabay
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