Play-and-earn is gonna kill play-to-earn: why is that, and 5 projects leading the way on the transition from P2E to P&E

Play-to-earn has its merits. But monetary rewards won’t sustain a gaming ecosystem in the long run. The fast-depleting user base of crypto P2E games proves that a player is ultimately here to have fun. Games that lose focus on the gameplay in the hurry to sell tokens and NFTs will bite the dust within a few months of going live.

Enters play-and-earn (P&E). The new tribe of crypto games features fresh narratives and high-end gaming experiences to fuel sustainable engagement and growth.

Here are five projects that mark the industry’s transition from P2E to P&E.

1.  Calvaria – NFT Battle Card Gaming Redefined

Battle card games like Gods Unchained, Alien Worlds, and Splinterlands have played a key role in bridging the gap between crypto and traditional gaming. Calvaria is the latest to step into the battle.

The NFT game centered around the afterlife lowers the entry barrier to blockchain gaming by launching both free-to-play and play-and-earn versions. While free-to-play allows gamers to get acquainted with the gaming mechanics, play-and-earn empowers them to turn their skills into money. The unique business model underscores the importance of the right to choose.


The gaming ecosystem also comes with a staking platform, a full-fledged scholarship system, and an In-game store. Calvaria (RIA) presale, now at the end of the 4th stage, is fast selling out contrary to the broader market trends. It reveals the project’s huge growth potential in the coming years.

Join the Calvaria community on Twitter and Telegram to get the latest updates about the presale and the project development.

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2. RobotEra – Builder Game Set in the Future

RobotEra takes inspiration from The Sandbox to launch a builder game reigned by Robots. In fact, you enter Taro – the new planet – as a robot. You get a continent to yourself in Taro, where you can engage in mining, construction, energy collection, production, and playing, to just name a few. You can build anything you want here, with absolutely no coding skills.

The shared multiverse connects with other worlds, houses theme parks and museums, and hosts concerts. That is, you won’t run out of fun in Taro. As you explore new spaces, the game will reward you with TARO tokens and NFTs.


TARO, currently in its presale stage, fuels the RobotEra ecosystem. It will be used to buy assets, play the game, facilitate the governance system, and more as the roadmap unfolds. Judging by the fast-paced presale, the TARO exchange listing will be one of the top crypto launches to keep an eye on this year.

Follow RobotEra on Twitter and Telegram for the latest updates about the project.

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3. Silks – Thoroughbred Horse Racing in the Metaverse

Silks brings the thrill of thoroughbred horse racing to the metaverse using blockchain technology.

How does it work?

The derivative metaverse tokenizes each new real-world racehorse into a unique digital collectible called Silks Horse. So, every time a racehorse wins a race or breeds offspring, the corresponding Silks Horse accrues rewards for the NFT holder. That’s not all. The owner can stable the Silks Horse on a farm, participate in pinhooking, or develop Silks Land NFTs to earn more rewards.


The gamified business model opens diverse income opportunities, similar to its IRL counterpart. Silks Horses is widely predicted to become one of the most lucrative NFT investments of 2023 because of its derivative nature and rarity. You need a Genesis Silks Avatar to participate in the ongoing Genesis Yearling Sale.

Although a majority of Genesis Silks Avatar is already sold out, you can get what is left of the collection at a mint price of 0.25 ETH. It is also listed as one of the top Sports NFTs on OpenSea.

Join Silks on Twitter for the latest updates on the NFT sale.

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4. Tamadoge – The Magic of Meme Coin, Play-and-Earn, and AR

Tamadoge needs no introduction. The meme coin sensation bagged close to 20X returns for early investors soon after the public launch this year. The key highlight of Tamadoge is its vibrant ecosystem that combines the meme coin and play-and-earn concepts in an AR ecosystem.

The pet NFT game will move to augmented reality with the launch of a native AR app next year. If the fast-growing Tamadoge meme community on Twitter and Telegram is any sign, TAMA tokens will climb anywhere from 5X to 10X on the upcoming release of the Tamadoge Arcade.  It is one of the best new cryptocurrencies to buy in 2022.

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5. Star Atlas – Metaverse Exploration to the Deep Space

If space exploration is your thing, you should check out Star Atlas. The blockchain game enables players to captain deep-space, crewed spaceships to scan and discover celestial and terrestrial assets. It offers a broad range of career choices, from trading raw and refined ore to cargo hauling, and crafting retail components.

The gripping theme has the potential to penetrate traditional gamers as the roadmap unrolls in the coming months.


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