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Bitcoins have become a currency that used all across the globe. The digital coins can be exchanged, used for purchases, and are available for gambling at a variety of casinos. A casino like offers multiple ways to bet Bitcoins and try to increase your winnings. The casino is completely open to US players any anyone with a Bitcoin account. You can feel like a winner early on through the deposit bonuses available on the website. First-time deposits are awarded with a 150% deposit bonus along with other special bonuses available exclusively through

Bitcoin Slot Machines

Try to double or triple your Bitcoins by playing digital slot machines. Video slot machines online accurately replicate real slot machines and have a number of extra special features that you can enjoy. When you select a video slot machine, the machine will automatically load directly in the browser. If you’re looking for a more invigorating experience, then you have the option of making the slot machine go full screen. In full screen mode, you have the ability to turn your computer monitor into a replica slot machine. You can focus on the games, enjoy the live sounds, and easily see all of the reels and symbols at once.

Online Bitcoin slot machines have a number of playing options as well. With a single click, you have the ability to place a maximum bet and spin the wheel. With over 200 betting lines on a single slot machine, you also have the ability to bet on as many or as little lines as you want. If you want to speed through spins, then you have the option of setting up an auto-spin feature. Once your betting lines and amounts are set, you can auto-spin to repeat this bet for a specific amount of spins. The auto-spins can be stopped at any time and will automatically stop if a slot machine bonus is activated.

Bitcoin Slot Bonuses

While playing slot machines on websites like, there are a number of digital features built into these machines. To help enhance the fun and excitement of the slots, a number of bonuses have been added. One of the main bonuses available on a lot of the slots is a scatter bonus. Each slot machine has a special scatter symbol. This symbol is typically representative of the game theme. For example, in a Wild West slot machine there may be a scatter symbol like a cowboy hat or sheriff’s badge. The scatter symbols can appear anywhere on the reels and still be counted towards the bonus. Most bonuses are awarded as free spins. These spins don’t take away any of your Bitcoins, but can add to your total winnings.

Additional bonuses come in the form of bonus games. These games can be played using computer mice or touch-screen monitors. They usually involve a mini-game that has you select various icons related to the themes. A haunted house slot may have ghost symbols while a Las Vegas themes could have slot machines and poker chip symbols during the bonus game.

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