Play-to-Earn is on its Last Legs: Swords of Blood Introduces a Sustainable Alternative

Play-to-earn is dying. Both investors and gamers are leaving the unsustainable gaming model for better alternatives. A good example is Swords of Blood – the first AAA-quality hack-and-slash RPG on the blockchain. Here is a closer look at the project and how its play-to-own and play-to-win gaming models resurrect blockchain gaming.

Swords of Blood’s RPG is Free to Play

Swords of Blood will be free to play, unlike most crypto games that require users to invest in hefty tokens and NFTs. It is unfair to ask gamers to spend their money on these in-game assets before they understand the gameplay. That is also one of the reasons why play-to-earn games have failed spectacularly.

Swords of Blood is a democratic, inclusive game that will be accessible to all.

Swords of Blood is not a game built from square one, as it uses the framework of an award-winning title (first released in 2019 by Artifex Mundi). The game will be built in the Polygon ecosystem to take advantage of its speed and energy efficiency. The Web3 features will make it appealing to a larger group of gamers, beyond the crypto market.

Swords of Blood’s playable MVP has been downloaded by over 4M users on Android and iOS devices, which speaks for its credibility. The thrilling game boasts an active gamer community with a good retention rate. These are the asynchronous game modes of the MVP:

  • Main campaign dungeons in three difficulty levels.
  • Monster Hunt dungeons, where you play against waves of progressively harder monsters.
  • Boss Fortress, where you team up with four other players to fight against powerful bosses.
  • PvP, where you compete against other players to rank up in the global leaderboard to earn prizes.
  • Daily dungeons, where you enter a special rift to play a daily selection of dungeons with special rewards.
  • Time-limited event dungeons with a special currency that can be spent on unique event items.
  • Challenge dungeons are special events where you take challenges to win prizes from the global leaderboard.
  • Shattered Mazed is a week-long special event with an event shop where you go through mazes and fight monsters and bosses.


Hit Box Games LLC holds the rights to publish the reimagined version of the award-winning title with riveting new features and functionalities:

  • 4, 8, and 16-player PVP modes
  • Play-to-own and improved free-to-play mechanics
  • E-sports micro tournaments
  • Community-based gaming with guilds and clans
  • Multichain crypto payment integration via SphereOne
  • Fiat payment with Visa and Mastercard via Simplex
  • New soundtrack that features talents from many famous acts such as Disturbed and Trivium
  • U.T.’s – game utility tokens, NFTs that can be used in-game and sold in the open market
  • A 150-hour game expansion pack (narrative written by a team with members from Cyberpunk, The Witcher, Gord, Command and Conquer, and Ghost Recon).
  • Community-based communication areas with (likely) VR capabilities.

Enticing Gameplay with PVE and PVP Modes

Swords of Blood has gripping themes, graphics, and a storyline that will play a crucial role in taking it to more gamers. Since traditional gamers need more than just the earning aspect to put their time into a game, Swords of Blood has paid attention to building a riveting game. The story narrative, set in the World of Ezura, is on par with some of the best games in the global market.

To give you a sneak peek, Ezura is now under the grip of violence, betrayal, and cunning evil. Darkness has reigned the land for 1000 years, sabotaging the stalwart protectors of the realm. Ezura is slowly breathing its last. But not all hope is lost. You can resurrect the desolated soil through strategic gameplay. You will find a wide range of PVE and PVP game modes that take you toward your goal. Be a fearless dungeon crawler, a bounty hunting battle-mage, or a powerful warrior, grinding for loot and rare equipment.

A community-centric MMORPG is the ultimate goal of the gaming ecosystem. This will be accomplished as the game modes become synchronous, and the gaming experience improves over time. You can earn from the game by participating in play-to-own or play-to-win gaming tournaments.

A Vibrant Team of Veterans Leads Swords of Blood

Swords of Blood’s credibility and growth potential are further strengthened by the team behind it. The core team includes gaming veterans like James Seaman (CEO) with 26 years of experience in the industry, Jeremy Brown (COO), and Mariusz Szynalik (Project Director for HitBox Games). Clearly, Swords of Blood is in good hands. As a result, the project has already secured a long list of high-profile partners and backers.

$1.1M Raised and Counting

Crypto gaming is coming back to the limelight with better gameplay and reward mechanisms. Swords of Blood has all the elements to be at the forefront of the gaming revolution that is moving toward a more organic and sustainable direction.

The refreshing gaming mechanics of the project has earned it a large community within a few weeks of going live. And if the fast-moving presale of $SWDTKN (native token) is any sign, the approval of investors as well. The presale, closing in on the second stage, has secured $1,128,384 out of its $1,370,000 target already. If you’re planning to invest in the project, it’s better not to wait till the next stages, as the token price undergoes a gradual increase. In the first stage, you can procure $SWDTKN at $0.054/piece. The presale supports ETH, USDT, USDC, and DAI.



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