PlayZap – The future of P2E Gaming is here!

PlayZap is a competitive 360-degree interactive gaming platform that lets you enjoy your favourite games while interacting with a sprawling community, collecting, selling or trading a wide variety of NFTs and earn your keep simply by being active on the platform.

We at PlayZap aim to bring an end to subpar gaming experiences and to let our players unlock the true potential of P2E blockchain gaming.

The PlayZap Ecosystem

PlayZap has created multiple main and supporting features to ensure a complete and seamless experience for its userbase, starting with one of the pillars of PlayZap, the ZapVerse.

With the ZapVerse, PlayZap brings to the table a new and interactive metaverse to explore, powered by an In-house gaming platform that has already brought multiple IPs to new life, coupled with an external publisher program aimed to put creators and developers in direct contact with their communities and to expose them to the accrued entirety of PlayZap own userbase.

With a strong focus on Security, the Zapverse offers multiple features, like loyalty rewards already implemented in the base economy, powered by our own currency, the ZAP token, multiple different customizable NFTs in the form of our Z-Heroes, and different support systems for traders and collectors, like real estate ownership and profession progression.

Players will be able to do  PVP and engage in large scale tournaments in our Z-arena or simply interact with their friends to compete and share meaningful experiences while still winning PLAYZAP tokens, with the best of the best being showcased in our Hall Of Fame for additional prizes and benefits.

Marketplace and NFTs

Another core aspect of the  PlayZap ecosystem is our marketplace, which offers true ownership of the assets that players can buy or upgrade during the gameplay. Our NFTs will be limited in supply to offer premium advantages and empower the users’ earning power. All our NFTs can be minted and traded in various secondary markets.

They are divided into two main categories :

  • Z-Heros: These NFTs will act as a premium pass in the platform unlocking benefits to earn $PlayZap tokens. These NFTs can be upgraded in relation to the player’s performance.
  • They are categorized into Basic, Common, Rare, Premium, Gold & Legendary tiers with each category having 3 upgrade levels.
  • Each category comes with a unique avatar and cool benefits.
  • Z-item: These NFTs are in-game items and will be unlocked with player progress and rewarded to top winners. Each item will be limited in supply and when it is unlocked and owned by players, available to trade in secondary markets. In-game items will be soccer balls, pool sticks, avatar items, and other game-related products.
  • Z-land: Own an exclusive piece of land to showcase your brand, host tournaments, and share revenue.

ZPay Wallet

Our platform commits to more than a simple gamified ecosystem, and one of our goals is to bring a simple and secure way for our players to make seamless transactions.

The Zpay Wallet is our in-built solution that offers the following features, keeping a simple interface while rewarding player experience.

  • Buy $PlayZap tokens directly within the platform.
  • Connect your favourite wallet and trade to $PlayZap.
  • Seamless microtransactions to buy NFTs, in-game items, trade any currency without gas fees.
  • Cash-out by trading currency back to the $PlayZap token.
  • Buy, validate and track your NFTs.

You can learn more about our wallet and how does it work here

Product Vision

Unified Super gaming App

The PlayZap gaming app empowers game discovery and results in high engagement. The Esports styled format allows players to switch between different games, compete against other live players, and connected with the community. During our initial tests – players invest 40 minutes+ in each session and frequently come back to either check their progress or play more games.

Building for a Global Audience

Our platform offers tried and tested games, a seamless user experience, and a competitive format that lead to global scalability with very low downtime. As part of our roadmap, we will be adding localized support and custom assessments to specific geographical locations.

Community Driven

We encourage our community to vote on features and games that they would like to see. Our exclusive tickets (NFTs) allow them to organize the tournaments under the creator program, bringing their friends, family, or network to PlayZap and earning a commission in return.

Building Together

Our vision is to develop an infrastructure for game creators, developers, and partners to deploy their games to the PlayZap platform and take advantage of our large community. Our partnership terms are transparent and encourage fellow developers to work with us and join our mission.

Competitive Tournaments and PvP

We offer truly skill-based tournaments where players with similar skills are tested against each other. The competition is the core of our product and drives our players to be involved and engaged with the ecosystem.

Proven Casual Games

Our games are high-quality IPs, already tested and proven by millions of players worldwide, offering an in-depth design, dynamic score systems to improve the re-playability experience, and much more. We plan to bring more than 10 games in the year 2022 and continue to bring new titles in regular intervals to keep the community engaged for the long term.


Our product will be available on mobile (android and iOS) and web platforms – make it super accessible to download, play and win.

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