PlusCoin Announces ICO for Crypto-Cashback Platform Development

The crowdsale of PlusCoin tokens has been launched on September 10, 2017, announced the team.

The public sale is focused towards raising funds for the development of an independent crypto-cashback platform. The proposed platform will replace the traditional cashback tools with blockchain-based tokenized tools. The problem with traditional models is mostly related to speed and lower reward returns. Blockchain, on the other hand, makes it possible for people to receive cashback as soon as they make a purchase. In a traditional scenario, the average time spent on rewarding a cashback is two months.

“Our goal is to attract the maximum possible number of users and partners into employing cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, using the instant payment of our cryptocurrency as a cashback on purchases from our partners as a mechanism,” the PlusCoin team conveyed through its whitepaper.

“To achieve this goal, it is not enough just to pay out the cryptocurrency: so we are also developing additional services based on the Ethereum blockchain, which will support the exchange and sale of our cryptocurrency. They will also construct an infrastructure that can be used to develop the sector as a whole.”

The PlusCoin token ICO, as mentioned above, has started on September 10, 2017, and will run until November 10, 2017. The entire ICO round will feature three consecutive phases. The first phase spans for 20 days, during which a total of 3 million PlusCoin tokens — in addition to 400k bounty tokens — will be made available at the rate of $10 per token.

Similarly, the second and the third phase of the ICO will span for 20 and 22 days, respectively. While each phase will enable the sale of 3 million + 300k bounty tokens, the second phase will sell them for $11.50 per token, and the third phase will sell them for $13 per token.

Thereby, the number of First PlusCoin Tokens to be released during the ICO is limited to 9,000,000 tokens + 1,000,000 bounties.

There is a lot of bullish aspects attached to the future performance of PlusCoin tokens, especially after leading brands like Burger Kings, McDonald’s, Reebok have agreed to associate with PlusCoin cashback platform.

Learn more about the PlusCoin project at

Last but not least, there is a Bounty campaign being provided through PlusCoin ICO: You can already sign up in PlusCoin Bounty campaign and learn more about it at

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