PlusCoin Raises $525k in First Three Days of its ICO

Decentralized cash back service PlusCoin has raised $525,000 in the first three days of its crowdsale round.

The registered figure manifests people’s growing interest in the service, and signals towards a successful fundraiser as a whole. The PlusCoin creators believe their innovative business proposal is the key aspect behind the ICO’s early success, adding that tokenized cash back rewards will always find adoption in the new-age e-commerce market.

Launched under the watch of DSPlus, a renowned lead-generation, and mobile marketing application, PlusCoin is technically a cryptocurrency which will be used as a reward for the conducted transactions, such as for making a purchase via DSPlus online store, claiming discounts, and for participating in promotions.

DS Plus is already partnered with various international companies, including the likes of McDonald’s, Reebok, Burger King, KFC, and many others. That being said, the PlusCoin’s parent company is already in the functional state and earning great revenues for its partners. With PlusCoin, the company simply eyes on employing innovative crypto and blockchain technologies to introduce better speed and higher cash back rewards.

The proposal seems to have struck chords with the crypto investors, proves the initial success of the PlusCoin ICO. This ICO was started on September 10th and will run until November 10, 2017. The entire ICO round will feature three consecutive phases. The first phase spans for 20 days, during which a total of 3 million PlusCoin tokens — in addition to 400k bounty tokens — will be made available at the rate of $10 per token.

Learn more about the PlusCoin project at

Last but not least, there is a Bounty campaign being provided through PlusCoin ICO: You can already sign up for PlusCoin Bounty campaign and learn more about it at

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