Polygon (MATIC) and Ethereum (ETH) Continue to Record Losses, Investors Find Solace in Yachtify (YCHT)

The cryptocurrency market is always changing, and investors must remain up to date on the newest trends and developments. Many cryptocurrency investors are looking for the next great thing. While cryptocurrencies like Polygon (MATIC) and Ethereum (ETH) struggle to survive the bear market, Yachtify is gaining popularity among investors.

Yachtify (YCHT) Advances, Offering a More Lucrative Investment

Yachtify, a brand-new cryptocurrency, has fully taken over the market. The currency has gained popularity ever since it was introduced and appears to be excellent.  Investors are interested in making investments and are watching it closely.

With Yachtify, each fractionalized NFT represents a real boat, and the community can donate as little as $100 to each one. Private yachts are purchased or leased by high net worth individuals and charter companies, providing investors with the opportunity to grow their wealth or make a profit.

Each Yachtify team member has undergone a background investigation. Also an identification check has been performed on the founder. The platform has also passed its audit by SolidProof and its liquidity will be locked permanently. Additionally, the team tokens are locked for a three-year term.

At a price of just $0.1, investors can partake in the ongoing Yachtify presale. Yachtify has a ton of room for growth and may easily become a top-tier cryptocurrency.

Polygon (MATIC)’s Price Analysis Shows Long-Term Drop

Technical analysis of the long-term weekly period indicates that Polygon (MATIC) has dipped below the support line of the structure, indicating that the long-term rising trend may have stopped.

A negative signal has been given by the price of the Polygon (MATIC) token breaking down from an ascending parallel channel. The trend has been there since the beginning of the year, so a breakdown suggests that Polygon (MATIC) is likely to experience more falls.

Over the previous week, Polygon (MATIC)’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) has been in the negative. Polygon (MATIC)’s RSI has fallen below 50 (red indicator), indicating a bearish trend.

In addition to this long-term breakdown, the bearish pattern on the daily time frame shows the fall will continue. Thus, both the short-term drop and the long-term decline may continue.


Rising Withdrawals of Ethereum (ETH) Despite a Decline in Price

According to data from crypto.news, the price of Ethereum (ETH) dropped by 3% yesterday. The cost of Ethereum (ETH) is $1,850 as of this writing. The second-largest cryptocurrency is also down more than 8% from its local high of $2,008 on May 6.

Additionally, according to data provided by Glassnode, 4,405 Ethereum (ETH) withdrawals were made from exchanges, a 14-month high that was last seen in March 2022. The data also shows a similar pattern, which was noticed when Ethereum (ETH) was trading at around $1,250 in December of last year.

According to Glassnode data, the amount of Ethereum (ETH) supply active during the last one to two years on a one-day median average has topped 41,090,025 coins, reaching a new all-time high (ATH). A source for crypto.news claims that on May 7, there was a sharp spike in the quantity of Ethereum (ETH) deposited at controlled exchanges (CEXs), which prompted pressure from short sellers on the platforms.

In addition, fees on the Ethereum (ETH) network rose on May 5 to a year-high of almost 260 gwei, despite the asset’s price decrease. According to data provided by ultrasound money, the charges on the Ethereum (ETH) network are presently 95 gwei, a 63% drop from the local peak.


To learn more about Yachtify, visit;

Join Presale: https://buy.yachtify.market

Website: https://yachtify.market

Telegram: https://t.me/yachtify

Twitter: https://twitter.com/yachtify_market

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