Polygon (MATIC) continues downwards without news. Avorak cross-chain could renew interest

Polygon (MATIC), one of the most promising Layer-2 scaling solutions for Ethereum, has recently seen a significant drop in MATIC price, largely due to the lack of new developments and dormancy regarding Polygon news updates. The price of Polygon has fallen by over 4% in the last week, with many expressing concern about Polygon’s recovery. Despite this downturn, a cross-chain could help renew interest in Polygon and potentially drive the price back up. Avorak AI’s innovative AI solutions could offer Polygon access to liquidity and trading on other blockchains. It could also boost the platform’s adoption and increase the number of users and addresses in the Polygon ecosystem.

Avorak AI (AVRK)

Avorak AI is redefining blockchain operations and crypto trading with its comprehensive AI solutions. As a first-to-market and AI crypto pioneer, Avorak brings simplicity and convenience with its innovative solutions. It deploys chatbots, trade bots, and text and image generation tools. Avorak Write is charting the way content generation is delivered through its easy-to-use tool that generates content in various styles. The tool also addresses the repetitive and plagiarized content that affects the existing AI writing assistants.

AVRK is making waves in its ICO after rising by 291.67% and promising early ICO holders more benefits in addition to the on-top bonuses. AVRK is going at $0.235, and its launch price is $1. Avorak plans to list on major exchanges, and four have confirmed listing on July 16. They are PancakeSwap, Coinsbit, LAToken, and Azbit exchanges. Avorak AI’s strong systems are evidenced by its two audits performed by Cyberscope and SolidProof.

Avorak Trade simplifies crypto trading and makes novices look like pros by inputting relevant parameters into the bot. Avorak Trade monitors the market 24/7 and handles voluminous data to determine accurate signals for cryptocurrency price prediction. Avorak AI’s algorithms effortlessly identify pertinent information that can escape human scrutiny because of biased and emotional decisions. In addition, Avorak trade bots don’t suffer from fatigue or need breaks hence can execute round-the-clock market monitoring.

Polygon (MATIC)

Polygon (MATIC) is one of the most promising layer-two scaling solutions that received significant attention in cryptocurrency. Despite gaining popularity in 2021 with MATIC’s all-time high price of $2.92, the Polygon price has declined, and new address volumes are going down. Polygon has faced a bearish trend, possibly due to the need for significant Polygon news and updates on the platform.

However, Polygon’s current trend could change with an Avorak cross-chain. Avorak AI leverages advanced artificial intelligence research to create an interconnected blockchain network. A Polygon Avorak cross-chain could renew interest in Polygon as the network integrates with other blockchains. Furthermore, integrating with the Avorak AI platform could open up new opportunities to solve problems on the Ethereum network. Polygon’s current bridging technology allows it to connect with the Ethereum network. However, with the integration of Avorak, Polygon could create new cross-chain bridges with other platforms, enhancing connectivity and inter-blockchain operations. Polygon could witness a rejuvenated demand for the Polygon network and even an increased MATIC price.

Wrap Up

Polygon’s downtrend highlights the need for new developments and innovations in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Avorak AI’s first-to-market blockchain technology could boost interest and adoption for Polygon, allowing it to interact with other cryptocurrencies and blockchains seamlessly.

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