Popular Carbon Credit Crypto Project IMPT Warms Up the Crypto Winter: Early IEO After $16M Raised


Green token IMPT is getting ready for an early IEO (Initial Exchange Offering), after raising $16M in a meteoric presale that went against the bear market trends. The project, dedicated to carbon offsetting and climate action, puts forward a vibrant Web3 ecosystem set apart by strategic gamification and incentivization.

The public launch of IMPT is scheduled for 14 Dec 2022 on the decentralized exchange Uniswap. It will be followed by more centralized and decentralized exchange listings, beginning with LBank and Changelly Pro. The presale will end soon, as per the latest announcement from IMPT.

Let’s take a look at what IMPT is and why investors are stocking up on the token.


How IMPT Brings More Efficiency to the Carbon Market

IMPT is a Web3 platform that aims to decentralize and simplify the carbon credit market, which is facing roadblocks due to its traditional makeup and inherent limitations. IMPT believes that blockchain technology can bring more efficiency and transparency to the carbon market. The  three-pillared IMPT ecosystem is designed to make carbon offsetting accessible to an array of participants, including business organizations, social organizations, governments, manufacturers, and individuals.



Listed below are the three components of the IMPT ecosystem.

An NFT-Powered Carbon Credit Marketplace

IMPT marketplace is a blockchain-powered NFT marketplace where you can buy, sell, and retire carbon credits. The platform, open to both mandatory and voluntary participants, lowers the entry barrier to the carbon market. Since carbon credits are tokenized, double spending and scams prevalent in the carbon market are brought to a minimum. Anyone can track the carbon credits and their transfer of ownership on the blockchain, which is difficult to implement in the traditional setup.

You can retire your carbon credit on the marketplace to offset your carbon footprint. In return, you will receive an NFT artwork. As the project expands and builds a large user base, the artwork NFTs may have a collectible market of their own.

Crypto Incentivization that Matters

IMPT shopping application is another interesting product from the ecosystem. As the name implies, it is a shopping application. How is it related  to carbon offsetting? The platform incentivizes carbon offsetting through a first-of-its-kind crypto reward system. So, every time you buy products from brands using the IMPT shopping application, your account accrues IMPT tokens as rewards. Once they accumulate to a significant amount, you can exchange them for carbon credits on the IMPT marketplace.

IMPT has secured partnerships with top global brands like Samsung, Microsoft, River Island, Harry Brown, Tripadvisor, Dyson, AEG, Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Dominos, and Lego. The project’s goal is to onboard 10,000 retailers by launch time. They will donate money to the IMPT carbon credit program as part of cultivating positive brand recognition.

Gamifying Carbon Offsetting

IMPT social platform is a pioneering blockchain platform, which underscores the project’s relevance in the crypto market. In an unprecedented approach, it brings together friends, family, and businesses under one umbrella where they can engage in a healthy competition centered around carbon offsetting. The social platform allows you to keep track of your carbon-offsetting initiatives in IMPT scores. Businesses are also welcome to join the platform. IMPT scores have the potential to become a part of brand marketing campaigns.

The gamification element has resonated with the audience, as proven by the meteoric presale of IMPT tokens. It could be the next crypto to explode in 2022.


This is Why the IMPT Presale Bucked the Trend

The crypto market has been in a bloodbath throughout 2022, with one catastrophe following another. How did IMPT build a large following amid the turmoil, going against the bear market? We believe it has to do with the platform’s solid business plan that has high market relevance. It doesn’t introduce quick money schemes or valueless NFTs. Instead, it focuses on building value using blockchain technology.

For example, the tokenization of NFTs brings more transparency and decentralization to the carbon credit market, which is currently dominated by a few players. It rules out the possibility of double spending, rampant in the traditional industry. The novel gamification features on IMPT social platform and the crypto incentivization on the IMPT shopping application, on the other hand, raise awareness about climate action. The ecosystem is built to penetrate the masses, rather than being limited to a few.


Top crypto publications and traders predict 10X price rise for IMPT tokens on the public launch, factoring in its large market relevance. Both mandatory and voluntary carbon markets are fast-growing. As people and businesses become more conscious about their carbon footprint and its impact on the environment, the growth is expected to pick up in the coming years. The traditional market is not built to cater to the growing market.

Blockchain can bridge the gap, believes the IMPT team. “We are developing IMPT.io to help businesses and individuals reduce their carbon footprint through an efficient, secure, and transparent ecosystem of products. Our goal is to offer an easy solution for everyone who wants to contribute to sustainable development,” says IMPT CEO Denis Creighton.

Another factor that explains the project’s anomalous behavior is its green tag. While the crypto market has long been accused of aggravating the climate crisis, projects like IMPT proves that blockchain can heal the planet too. It is seeing massive traction from both the crypto and non-crypto sides of the world, as a result.

IMPT IEO will be Held on 14 Dec 2022 – More Listings to Follow

The IMPT IEO is slated for 14 Dec 2022. The token will mark its debut listing on Uniswap DEX, followed by Changelly Pro and LBank.


Presale investors can claim their tokens, starting from 12 Dec 2022. All you need to do is go to the IMPT official website, connect your wallet, and follow the instructions on the page. Make sure to connect the same wallet you used to purchase the tokens. The presale is scheduled to end soon, which means there is little time left to buy the token. It supports both ETH and USDT. You can also use your credit or debit card to make the purchase in case you don’t have any crypto in your wallet.

The presale is likely the cheapest entry to the project, as IMPT is predicted to climb 10X on the exchange listing. It is one of the best future cryptocurrencies to stock up on this year.



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