Presale Gains: What Are The 5 Best Crypto ICOs to Buy in October?

The race among new crypto projects in October is on, with several exciting new ICOs jostling for position among keen investors. With unique value propositions, broad appeal, and sky-high potential, lucky investors could realize huge percentage gains over the coming months and years when these projects go into orbit.

What are the 5 best crypto ICOs right now?

Each of the five projects listed has already made its native token available during its presale to incentivize investors and support them throughout their early developmental stages. These can be excellent opportunities to be part of the crypto world’s next big thing before they take off. With that in mind, here are the five best ICOs in October 2023:

1)      Shiba Memu (SHMU)
2)      Chancer (CHANCER)
3)      AltSignals (ASI)
4)      Metacade (MCADE)
5)      FXBOX (FXB)

1.    Shiba Memu (SHMU): A meme coin with AI-powered promotional capabilities

Shiba Memu is already seen as the next generation of meme coins. It uses an AI-powered marketing protocol to strengthen its online presence and build positive investor sentiment. The project heavily utilizes natural language processing (NLP) to autonomously interact with people across the internet on forums and social media. This allows Shiba Memu to create and deploy its own marketing strategies.

Shiba Memu is unquestionably the cleverest canine in the meme coin sector right now. Powered by its native SHMU token, this high-performing presale has already raised $3.6m in liquidity. Not only that, Shiba Memu’s uniquely structured presale marks it out as one of the best crypto ICOs currently in town.

After launching at $0.011125, Shiba Memu has been driving daily price increases of $0.000225 into the wallets of day one investors. By day 60, these early-stage investors had already realized returns of 119.33%. By popular demand, Shiba Memu has extended their ICO for a further 60 days, taking it to 31st October before it lists on the BitMart exchange.

As a result, new investors can get significant presale returns on their initial outlay, while existing investors can double their money. With SHMU now valued at $0.03318, any delay means a lost opportunity to make potentially instant profits.

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2.    Chancer (CHANCER): Brand-new decentralized online betting platform

Chancer is taking the game to the established centralized online betting sites with its brand-new peer-to-peer (P2P) online betting platform that puts punters directly in contact with each other. Users can create their own custom betting markets on any event they choose, from fun wagers between friends or colleagues to global sporting, entertainment, or political events.

However punters choose to interact with the platform, Chancer offers an unmatched, transparent, and fair betting experience. Rather than relying on odds set by biased bookies with a vested interest, all betting markets and odds are checked for fairness and will be much more competitive.

Chancer’s custom-built blockchain solution enables these exciting decentralized features, all powered by its native CHANCER token. The tokens that allow bets to play out, are locked in escrow while a wager plays out before the winnings are distributed to the winning side.

This exciting presale is in stage 3, having already raised $2.6m, marking it as one of the best crypto ICOs currently available and outperforming most other early-stage projects in 2023. Investors can purchase CHANCER tokens at the knockdown price of $0.012, with those that invest more than $100 entering a prize draw to potentially win an equal share of $100k in CHANCER tokens.

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3.    AltSignals (ASI): Using AI to improve trading signals

AltSignals is a well-established trading signals platform launched in 2017 and has since built a growing community of more than 50,000 users. Already one of the most successful trading signals platforms with an average success rate of 64% thanks to its cutting-edge AltAlgo™ tool, AltSignals is turning to AI to propel itself to the next level.

Using machine learning, NLP, predictive analytics, and reinforcement learning, AltSignals is creating a new trading stack, ActualizeAI, to increase its success rate to over 80%.

Already in stage 2 of one of the best crypto presales, AltSignals offers unrivaled benefits to its investors. Anyone holding at least 10,000 ASI tokens gains automatic lifetime access to ActualizeAI, giving them an immediate trading edge. Meanwhile, all investors can take advantage of the many special membership offers available to them through the AI Members Club.

Many crypto experts have highlighted the ASI presale as one of this year’s best crypto presales. With tokens still hugely discounted at just $0.01875, there’s a massive opportunity for investors to be part of a genuinely pioneering moonshot crypto project.

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4.    Metacade (MCADE): Market-leading GameFi platform

Metacade is a comprehensive online gaming platform that brings the first multi-game virtual arcade to the blockchain. Every game provides unparalleled access to play-to-earn opportunities and various ways to earn the native MCADE token as you engage with the platform and its vibrant community.

The platform launched in 2023 after a highly successful ICO raised $16.4 million. Since launching on UniSwap and BitMart, MCADE has gone from strength to strength, more than trebling in price. Having already cemented its place as one of the best ICOs of 2023, Metacade now has a solid basis from which to grow and become a genuine leader in the burgeoning GameFi sector.

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5.    FXBOX (FXB): One-stop shop for games, trades, and stakes

A new multi-use crypto platform, FXBOX offers users a vast array of blockchain services. From play-to-earn games to a crypto exchange that can leverage up to 1000x tokens and a decentralized lottery, there’s plenty to see and do on FXBOX. In addition, the platform has DeFi capabilities that offer the chance to make a passive yield by staking the native FXB token.

Currently in its crypto token presale, excitement is building around this upstart new project, with early backers able to get involved by signing up directly through the site.

Which is the best ICO to invest in for October?

While each of the five projects listed above provides users with a compelling and unique user experience, the two that stand out are unquestionably Shiba Memu and Chancer. Both ICOs are gaining massive momentum as they head towards the end of the best crypto presales.

However, Shiba Memu edges the race for the best ICO to invest in for October as it brings a revolutionary new platform and autonomous AI-driven capability that could see it become a standard bearer for next-gen meme coins and crypto projects to follow.

To recap, the best ICOs for crypto investors to investigate in October 2023 are:

1)      Shiba Memu
2)      Chancer
3)      AltSignals
4)      Metacade
5)      FXBOX

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