Price Prediction May 2023: Shiba Inu vs Tradecurve

Though Shiba Inu’s social influence has recently decreased, price action and indicators paint a different picture. Tradecurve brings a decentralized hybrid trading platform to the market, offering borderless trading with fast execution and low fees. Tradecurve allows trading in derivative markets without the need for KYC. Read more about it below.

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Shibarium Update – A Game Changer?

The Shiba Inu ecosystem has shown quick responses when it comes to update releases, and the upcoming Shibarium update might be the catalyst Shiba Inu needs to reverse the downtrend for good. The Shibarium project is steadily developing and has recently successfully transferred test tokens for the first time to test the implemented payment system. Shibarium is set to unlock the full potential of the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

The Shiba Inu development team is currently implementing VOR and OoO, two smart contract functionalities that will be deployed on Shibarium Layer 2. OoO serves to activate the Oracle apps to fulfill data requests, while VOR stands for Verified Open Randomness, which is used to generate true randomness needed in various on-chain gaming and lottery applications. The Oracle of Oracles helps prevent price hacks and secures decentralized investment funds.

The Shibarium upgrade is very likely to enhance Shiba Inu’s price performance and may be the catalyst needed for the ecosystem. With the metaverse to come and Shibarium striving to be a big and active part of it, Shiba Inu’s price is expected to gain value over the long term. Shiba Inu is trading at $0.00000867 at the time of writing, and if the next resistance at $0.000009 breaks, there is room for an upside rally, possibly reaching $0.000012. – What Does TCRV Have to Offer?

While numerous DeFi projects are available today, only some have outstanding features worth considering. Decentralized Finance allows people to retain control of their own wallet keys and funds.

Tradecurve leverages this concept by combining features of centralized and decentralized exchanges, and unlike CEXes, no KYC process is necessary. This opens doors for many people who lack access to financial markets and brokerages.

Tradecurve addresses this by implementing traditional finance instruments connected to the DeFi ecosystem. As one of the rare trading platforms that allows crypto deposits as collateral for trading, they make customer onboarding straightforward.

Users can open an account with an email address, hot wallet such as metamask, deposit the crypto of choice, and they are ready to trade. Members can also access trading algorithms, AI trading systems, and social trading features.

Tradecurve offers high leverage trading starting at 500:1, enabling traders with small balances to grow their accounts quickly. The metaverse academy offers extensive education and regular guest lecturers from the industry to provide up-to-date knowledge for everyone.

Tradecurve makes instruments like stocks, forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies available to anyone from a single account. TCRV token holders can stake their tokens and enjoy reductions on trading commissions and subscription costs for trading bots.

TCRV is the native token of Tradecurve and is built on the Ethereum blockchain.  The presale is now in the 2nd stage and available for purchase at $0.012. Experienced traders expect an 800% price increase for TCRV in the next month, and after TCRV lists on Uniswap, a 100x growth in value is possible.

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