PrimeBall, A Trustworthy Raffle on Ethereum Blockchain


You do not have to be a gambler to appreciate what PrimeBall team has invented, for it is absolutely awesome and unique. They managed to “marry” crypto wagering with community building. Early adopters are invited to check out what the creators call “a game where nothing but luck matters”. So what is inside this amazing new project?

Why the trust in crypto-gambling has been on a decline?

“This game is rigged”, “Website says I won, but I never got my payout”, “I want to play but I can’t register”, “I lost on conversion into and out of your token more than I won”, – these are just a few of the complaints one can come across when browsing numerous forums where crypto gambling is discussed.

So there we have it: the community has a hard time trusting existing gambling outlets because none of them seem to be interested in anything but profits (and it’s not unheard of that organizers would grab all the funds and disappear in the thin bytecode of blockchain).

It’s time to right the wrongs. It’s time to try PrimeBall.

What is PrimeBall?

PrimeBall is the brand new and by far the most sensible raffle out there. They claim all the advantages offered by others: transparency of transactions (any of which can be verified though EtherScan); safety and security of Ethereum MainNet; fast payouts, limited only by the congestion of MainNet. The (good!) difference, however, is that when playing PrimeBall there is no need to buy any kind of token, you just play with Ether, which is savvy for as there is no loss on currency exchange.

However, PrimeBall has to offer much more than a standard set of reassurances, which makes it truly outstanding.

First, and most important: PrimeBall has much higher payouts than any gambling or raffle outlet. The payouts change dynamically, but maximum house edge is set at 4.6% of the ticket sales, and 5% goes to marketing, to raise awareness of this awesome game. The awesome part of the PrimeBall draws is that every round has winners: PrimeBall Smart-contract is set up to pick at least three winners – that, of course, unless Jackpot is won, in which case there will be only one winner, the big winner.

Second: PrimeBall offers a phenomenal opportunity to those who have a significant following on social media. There are many ways to monetize the status of an influencer, but getting bonus payouts for introducing people to a new great game is definitely among the best.

Third and probably the most important: nothing except pure chance and luck affects the outcome of the raffle. While PrimeBall is not disclosing how exactly smart-contract is picking winners, the game fairness has been independently verified. All transactions are handled by smart-contract, completely eliminating the so-called “human factor”. No one, including server admins, can access the funds collected by Smart-contract from the players. The only way to get the funds from Smart Contract is to win (also known as getting lucky).

PrimeBall is also different because of the idea behind the project. They want participants to play against each other and not the casino, they want players to enjoy the process and know the outcome depends on their luck and could not be tampered with, and they want to unite people who like the adrenaline rush of the gamble but won’t put up with anything less than fair. In essence, PrimeBall goal is to create a fun-loving, yet smart and responsible community anyone would want to join.

All of the above, plus announced players rewards program, makes PrimeBall a perfect outlet for responsible gambling, and a fun new place to bring friends (and get rewarded for that) to build a great community.

For more information get in touch with PrimeBall via:
Telegram :    /
(also available in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean and Japanese)


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