The Process of Cryptocurrency Generation in United Crypto Mining Group Farms: Key Benefits


Today, mining is considered one of the most common activities on the Internet, which can bring good profits. He appeared recently, but his popularity is growing rapidly. And it is due to the fact that it is able not only to supplement the basic earning but also completely replace it.

Mining is the activity aimed at generating cryptocurrency on the Internet, which is possible after installation of a special video card and software on the computer. An alternative way is the purchasing a complete set of special equipment. To get a cryptocurrency, you need to perform simple mathematical calculations. Money can be withdrawn to any electronic wallet. You can use any other method of transfer, which is most convenient for you.

The specialists of United Crypto Mining Group have developed and launched the project with the same name, the goal of which is to bring the mining of the cryptocurrency to the professional level, to minimize the possible risks that occur in the conduct of this activity at home. In this regard, the company provides a hosting service on its network farms for representatives of all countries of the world.

The essence of the project

The United Crypto Mining Group project is designed to provide a service of the generation of cryptocurrency “turn-key” for miners around the world.

The tokenization procedure conducted by the company ensures the minimization of customer spending. Based on the capacities currently operating on the mining farms, it is planned to issue 127,650,000 tokens of United Crypto Mining Group (UCMG). 111,000,000 tokens are intended for potential customers.

What are the tokens for?

The task of each token is to provide the right to the client who acquired it to use the capacities established and functioning within the United Crypto Mining Group Network farms, without paying rent for the next 5-year period. One token is equal to ½ W of electricity consumed by the client equipment (by the miner). If you want to generate a cryptocurrency on a farm, multiply ½ W by the total amount of electrical energy consumed by the equipment, and get a figure indicating the number of tokens you need to buy.

Initial offer terms

The company provides 56 days for the token sale:

  • from April 2, 2018, to April 15, 2018, the preliminary sale will last;
  • from April 16, 2018, to May 27, 2018, will be the primary official sale (the initial offer).

The price of one token will be $ 0.5 + bonus. The exact amount will depend on the date of purchase (with the bonus).

Types of cryptocurrencies that can be mined within the UCMG mining-farms

The United Crypto Mining Group allows mining of such types of cryptocurrency:

  • ZenCash (ZEN);
  • Monero (XMR);
  • BitcoinGold (BTG);
  • Zclassic (ZCL);
  • Ethereum-Classic (ETC);
  • Ethereum (ETH);
  • Zcash (ZEC);
  • Siacoin (SC);
  • Litecoin (LTC);
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH);
  • Bitcoin (BTC).

It is envisaged to expand this list in the future.

What services are included in the standard package?

The standard package consists of:

  • buying and setting of facilities;
  • hosting on a mining farm;
  • service of the miner and its repair;
  • service of the private blockchain.

On the mining farm, you can place your own equipment, equipment purchased on the official website of United Crypto Mining Group. If you purchased equipment from the company, its placement on the farm is absolutely free.

Partnership with United Crypto Mining Group has an undeniable advantage: due to the acquired tokens, you don’t have to pay for maintenance of miners and consumed electric energy. For token holders, a minimum fee for electricity is ¢3 per 1 kW / h.

What are your opportunities with UCMG?

On UCMG platform you can:

  • acquire mining equipment;
  • sent your own mining equipment to the suitable remote farm;
  • acquire tokens that gives the right to use the capacities of our farms;
  • lease tokens to those who did not have enough time to purchase them during the initial offer;
  • to choose on what farm to mine, that will promote healthy competition and optimal condition for cooperation;
  • rent out your own mining farm capacities.

To apply for the addition of your own mining capacities in the UCMG network and become our official capacity provider, write us on с[email protected]

Link to the official website of the project:

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