Promise Token Continues To Make History After Gaining Over 1000% In 7 Days

Imagine investing in a business and earning a whopping 300% or more in just a month. It is even hard to earn up to 30% in a month in lots of investments out there. The Promise token wowed several of its investors when it turned in over 1000% ROI in a week.

PROMISE has officially introduced the first BEP20 token based on Trust. The platform intends to deal with the inevitability of value bubble in the cryptocurrency industry by developing a token designed to be a self-generating yield and liquidity protocol, which rewards its holders who hold their token for at least 15 days.

Promise token to ensure a steady price appreciation

According to the PROMISE whitepaper, the project aims to create a smart contract that will maintain the token’s value, making it rise permanently without investors farming.

The Promise project has several measures included in the smart contract that will keep the price high. Furthermore, to strengthen its community, it has included an external feature that would provide equal benefit to all the token holders.

According to the project’s originator, “Mr. Promise”, the project’s objective is to maximize profits for loyal investors and charities to make the world a better one. By this objective, he has created a unique “Wall of List” where investors can decide their choice – honor or shame. Investors who can keep their promise by holding the token for at least 15 days are inducted into the Wall of honor, whereas those who cannot are categorized in the Wall of Shame.

Great rewards for long holders of the token

One outstanding feature of the token is that loyal partners of the community that kept their promises can enjoy benefits such as burning votes, charity votes, and a lottery pool. The lottery pool offers investors the opportunity to earn winnings distributed by a pool if they can hold their tokens for at least 15 days.

According to Mr. Promise, “The longer the promise is held, the higher the chances and the winnings.” Nevertheless, the charity votes give investors the privilege to decide where donations should be made. Furthermore, partners have an equal right to the token and ensure the token achieves stable value growth.

The project launch, token burning, and listing on CoinMarketCap will occur in the second quarter of 2021. The third quarter will include the charity project, account system with Wallet Statistics, and Merch Launch. Finally, the exchange development for web and app development will begin in the fourth quarter.

Promise token is easy to purchase

To participate in the PROMISE project, investors must buy the coin through page. These are the steps to follow:

  • Go to homepage and connect to your wallet.
  • Under the “From” section, enter the amount and select “Smart Chain BNB”
  • Under the “To,” you need to copy the PROMISE contract address –

0xcbcCf14B051947BDcd1E20b77015208a1AD5EA25 and paste on it.

  • Click on Swap, and the particular PROMISE amount will reflect in your wallet.

With so many projects built every day without accomplishing anything, this promise is different! With the guarantee of continuous price increase of this token, which stands at +1000% gains within the pasts 7 days, the token seems to be set to continue to make a rapid movement with high potential.

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