Rate That Crypto (RTC), Krypton DAO (KRD), and Kaspa (KAS) Will Enter CoinMarketCap Top 50 By 2024

The crypto market has seen a boom in new tokens lately. This boom has seen the creation of many impressive and exciting assets like Rate That Crypto (RTC), Krypton DAO (KRD), and Kaspa (KAS). Investors will want to keep their eyes on these tokens in the coming years, as they are positioned to be listed among the top 50 coins on CoinMarketCap.

Building legitimacy and awareness during the early stages of new crypto requires including an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) platform like CoinMarketCap. It will enable the tokens listed on them to become discoverable and efficient, providing high-quality information on tokens.

Let’s see why the above tokens will enter the top 50 listings on CoinMarketCap by 2024.

Krypton DAO (KRD) has attributes that are exciting to investors.

Krypton DAO (KRD) is the first-of-its-kind community alliance platform that helps develop projects. The Krypton DAO improves the teamwork and connection of the allied community. It develops community projects through the provision of good fundraising and support for traffic.

The utility of the native token, KRD, is used to vote on governance proposals, and the number of tokens held determines the impact of votes. Holders of the token can receive airdrops from other projects affiliated with Krypton DAO. The tasks issued by the platform are claimed using the KRD token.

Although the token has met a lot of criticism, its popularity among start-up combined projects has increased in value. Analysts predict that it could grow to become one of the most valuable assets, and the attempt to achieve functionality could result in it being highlighted as one of the top 50 tokens by 2024.

Kaspa (KAS) bears similarities to popular coins.

Kaspa (KAS) is a community initiative that is open source and decentralized, similar to the idea of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Monero. Kaspa (KAS) is a cryptocurrency that uses the GHOSTDAG protocol and is a proof-of-work system.

Several factors make it likely for this token to enter CoinMarketCap’s top 50 by 2024, including its advancements in security, transaction speed, and scalability. The security aspect is that it uses a secure network that doesn’t accept centralization, achieved through the proof-of-work mechanism. On transaction and confirmation speed, KAS is designed to be faster than Bitcoin, with all transactions recorded on the network in 10 seconds maximum. The token can generate multiple blocks per second, solving the scalability issue.

All these advantages are rare in a new token; thus, the coin is set to increase in profit and rating in the coming years.

Rate That Crypto (RTC) is proof that new tokens have potential.

Rate That Crypto (RTC) is a new play-to-earn blockchain game. The gameplay entails the price prediction of selected crypto coins, with players being rewarded with their native token, RTC. Players compete for first place on the leaderboard, and at the end of the month, the top 100 players will be allocated a token as a reward.

The build of Rate That Crypto (RTC) also incorporates NFTs exclusively for premium membership players. The collection is around 1000 NFTs, although it has yet to be applied to the app. The platform supports a Web3 wallet for secure crypto storage and teaches users how to operate and navigate through DeFi and Metaverse.

The presale announcement of the RTC token has captured the interest of many crypto enthusiasts. The presale would entail selling the token at a cheaper rate than when it launched. This stage is critical as it allows investors to get in early.

The structure and utility of the RTC would enable it to be listed as a top token on the CoinMarketCap platform to promote optimism and motivate prospective investors and community members to buy the token.

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