Recent Bitcoin Surge Is a Win for Crypto Gamblers and Altcoins Says iPlayCrypto

Greece, 26 June 2023- iPlayCrypto, an iGaming and Privacy Focused website that reviews and pushes for a safer and anonymous crypto gaming environment, believes that the recent 11% surge in Bitcoin has created a prime opportunity for crypto gamblers.

The U.S. Federal Reserve Bank sets a targeted 2% annual inflation rate, using its monetary policies to keep inflation in check. However, in June 2022, the knock-off effects of the covid-19 pandemic saw the rise of inflation rates to 8.9%, the highest since 1981.

With high rising inflation rates and the 2021 BTC market crash, seeing the overall market lose $2 trillion, investing in the bear market seemed to be the best kept secret of 2022.

The tides seem to have changed in recent months as the U.S and world economies began to regroup. In May 2023, U.S. Federal Reserve announced that the inflation rates had decreased to 4%.

The decreased inflation rate is largely due to the increase in federal supply of U.S. dollars printed by the Treasury Department, and the ease of global economies which has caused lowered interest rates.

Lower inflation rates are predicted for the U.S. in future months, spurring on the price of cryptocurrencies. In recent weeks, the price of BTC has begun to make a resurgence and is paving the way for an expected bull market.

Although Bitcoin has the majority share of the cryptocurrency market, its upwards price trend has positively affected the value of other popular gambling altcoins.

Ethereum, or otherwise known as the “Ether”, still remains amongst one of the most used tokens in the crypto gambling community. The token has seen a significant increase in popularity amongst gamblers for its ability to establish open ended decentralized networks within seconds.

Whilst instant deposits are a thing of the present thanks to Ethereum’s Blockchain technology, Monero or otherwise known as “XMR” remains the industry leader in anonymity coins for crypto gamblers that enjoy their privacy.

With such a wide variety of coins available, crypto gambling fanatics are currently presented with a favorable opportunity to cash in on higher market prices. The lowered interest and inflation rates, effectively mean that gamblers have more coins to wager.

iPlayCrypto further believes that crypto gamblers should strike the iron whilst it’s hot to make the most of the present circumstances. As online crypto casinos continue to offer considerable welcome bonuses, provably fair games, free faucet, and higher return to player rates than fiat casinos.

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Founded in 2020 and based in Greece, iPlayCrypto is one of the most trusted iGaming and Privacy Focused websites. The website offers reviews from a selection of professional and accredited crypto gambling casinos.

iPlayCrypto provides an in-depth analysis and personal review of crypto casinos. Their reviews suggest various products and solutions, whilst notifying players of possible red flags.

Crypto gamblers that are searching for reliable and legal online gambling casinos will be able to find all the latest games, safety and security measures, anonymity, and the highest casino’s return to player rates on the website.

Furthermore, iplaycrypto strives to put crypto enthusiasts ahead of the pack, with personal insider knowledge, a complete breakdown of each casino’s KYC policies, and which coins the casino supports.

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