Regulated Decentralized Finance (rDeFi) is Paving The Way for Exponential Growth

New study identifies the potential and benefits of investing in DeFi-based lending institutions through regulated but still decentralized means.

Toronto, May 4th, 2022

Coinchange, a growing investment firm in the CeDeFi (centralized decentralized finance) industry, in collaboration with Fireblocks and reviewed by Alkemi, have issued a new study identifying the growing benefits of investing in Crypto DeFi protocols. This research solidifies there are robust financial opportunities for investors to make significant growth within the DeFi market through regulated means that still carry with it all the benefits of the DeFi market.

Reviewing 2 protocols from AAVE Arc, and Alkemi Network, the paper outlines how the companies are revolutionizing the financial industry by offering various financial services such as quicker loans in greater quantities, access to more liquid funds as is necessary, and to earn high yield rewards via our meticulously vetted blockchain protocols. By offering these opportunities in a regulated way, consumers can benefit from increased security.

Coinchange is currently regulated and is ensured for up to 30 million dollars with Fireblocks. To add another level of security, through a partnership with Jumio, Coinchange has KYC verification. They offer DeFi opportunities having always had regulation and compliance in mind; from the very start Coinchange has implemented (KYC) know your customer, (KYB) know your business, & (AML) anti-money laundering security processes ensuring a safe way for customers to earn yield without the worry of security breaches.

Maxim Galesh, CEO of Coinchange has said “Security and earning our customers returns on their investments are our highest priorities. We are constantly trying to ensure our customers are earning high rewards via the best protocols.”

Not only has Coinchange over collateralized its trading platform, but its competitive edge and differentiation from its competitors are also seen through its security measures. Security is one of the top concerns for Coinchange as protecting their clients’ assets is paramount for the company, and as the report indicates Coinchange has reinforced its platform’s security with multiple security measures layered atop the aforementioned ones diversified across 5 blockchains, 15 protocols, and 30 pools. They ensure the highest quality DeFi opportunities while allowing people to reap the benefits from the DeFi network.

For more information about how Coinchange supports secure trading in the CeDeFi space, please visit our website.

About Coinchange: Founded in 2018, Coinchange Financials Inc. is an automated crypto wealth management platform. Coinchange automatically rebalances customer assets across 5 blockchains, 15 protocols, and 30 pools to deliver optimal yields. The company is based in Canada with entities around the world, including the US and Europe. The Coinchange app can be downloaded from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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