Renowned Derivative Exchange Bitget Initiates Launchpad to Explore More Quality Projects

Not long ago, Bitget tweeted that it would launch Bitget Launchpad soon, along with a series of promotion activities. Followers of Bidget’s Tweeter account can claim free benefits by retweeting the promotions. Meanwhile, the platform has also opened an application portal of Launchpad, allowing project owners to apply for listing on Bitget by completing an application form.

Launchpad is a new platform introduced by Bitget Global for launching projects and airdrops. It aims to help users discover more quality projects and grant them early access and chances to win airdrop rewards from the projects. Through Launchpad, the project owners can, in turn, leverage the rich resources and large community base of Bitget to build global brands. Currently, Launchpad has initiated the first round of project applications. Project owners can now fill in the application form via the available link.

It is reported to be Bidget’s another creative step following the launch of Global Innovation Zone. The move will make it easier for users to participate in early-stage investment and innovation of quality projects and help promote the continued prosperity of the blockchain ecosystem. It also reflects Bidget’s great determination to enter the spot field and inject more creativity into the community.

According to people in charge of this matter, since the launch of the “Global Innovation Zone,” Bitget has seen smooth development of its spot business and has joined hands with various major public chains and investment institutions. It has promoted several quality projects, allowing users who invested early to obtain higher returns. It is believed that Launchpad will help Bitget explore more quality projects on a broader scale and further enrich the platform’s spot business ecosystem.

As an essential part of many crypto trading platforms, Launchpad can bring more traffic and popularity to the exchange and increase the visibility of project owners to make them more influential across the globe.

Bitget, the world-leading crypto derivatives exchange, has recently taken a series of initiatives, from holding a global derivatives trading competition that supports multi-languages to setting up a Global Innovation Zone and launching the Launchpad. All the above are part of its effort to make strategic preparations for its global development. We can see that, through constant innovation, Bitget has increased its impact in the derivatives segment and helped build a more diversified ecosystem and a more prosperous crypto industry.



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