Revuto Will Launch First Token Sale on Cardano, This Is How It Will Solve An Invisible Problem


The subscription economy has had steady growth since corporations realized its potential to make profits. Companies, such as Microsoft and Adobe, adopted a subscription-based model for their products and the users were left with no option, but to adapt to the detriment of their personal finances, in many cases. The solution to this problem could be found in Cardano.

Revuto is a new subscription manager and the first dApp build on this platform that will launch a public token sale on May 18th. Their CEO, Josipa Majic, acknowledges the convenience of the subscription economy, but the ineffectiveness of its payment system. Majic said the following on this model:

Our brains aren’t good at calculating 12 times $25 to get the actual larger value. They just see the 25 and that feels subjectively more pleasing.

With support from Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), NodeFactory, Crobitcoin, the Cardano community in Croatia, and many others, Revuto will allow users to manage their subscriptions and optimize them. Anyone can be part of their token sale by going to their website and signing up for their Whitelist.

Revuto is a simple, but effective solution for everyone with more than 2 subscription services. With it, users can get the most out of their more important services and replace or snooze the unutilized. This dApp’s features will allow users to schedule payments, block services, approve the renovation of a service. Everything on top of Cardano’s soon-to-launch smart contract platform, Plutus.

Revuto, First Project With Cardano-based Tokenomics

Cardano is a project supported by a strong community, the power is in the hands of the users. Revuto has integrated this philosophy into a practical solution and a governance model that will be supported on its native token, REVU.

As part of Revuto’s ecosystem with its native wallet, users will get rewards, cashback, save money, and will be able to choose between different payment options. In addition, they can add liquidity to the protocol for extra rewards.

According to their roadmap, the dApp will launch its public token sale, and then it will prepare for full deployment in the coming months of 2021. Revuto’s CEO acknowledges the disadvantages of the subscription economy, she sees the potential in Cardano and Revuto as a catalyzer for a revolution across the crypto and traditional market:

(…) it’s a completely new ecosystem ready to explode so being the first on such a network is a huge advantage for us. Lastly, on our team, there are people working directly for Cardano (IOHK) who are supporting us.

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