Ripple Verdict Speculation As Avalanche Blows Into The Cloud And Big Eyes Coin Runs The Final Stretch

Ripple vs SEC is close to facing a court date after nearly two years. Avalanche partners with Alibaba Cloud and Big Eyes Coin prepare to enter the market in under a month.

The crypto market is in its first stages of a great defrost as the ice from the crypto winter begins to slowly melt away. The light of the new year has been very advantageous for the industry and, despite the ground-rattling events of the banking crisis earlier in the year, the market had recovered very well.

Although there are coins that are still struggling to push past their lows many coins have finally tasted previous thresholds once again and some have even broken past what was predicted of them, becoming valuable utility tokens once again.

Apart from reaching new heights, some scandals were called out before the winter that are still very much relevant in this new market. Ripple is still engaged in its battle with the SEC and despite the constant back and forth of the case, the parties are expected to receive a verdict within the next six months.

On a lighter note, Avalanche is making headway in the web3 landscape with its latest project where its partnership with Alibaba has enabled it to bring businesses easier access to the metaverse. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is running the final laps of its presale and is eagerly awaiting its launch on June 3rd.

6 Months Until Judgement: XRP vs SEC

The Ripple vs SEC has been a recurring story in crypto news over the past few years and has been a constant back and forth in arguments, evidence, and expected verdict prediction. This all began when the SEC went after Ripple for selling over a billion dollars worth of XRP tokens to clients, which the SEC stated was an illegal transaction as XRP was not registered.

In the case since, the movement from the SEC has been to make XRP a registered and regulated security, and Ripple has countered stating that it should not be a security because it does not fall into the parameters to be regarded as such. Ripple has spent over $200 000 so far in defending their claim and believes that a verdict will most likely be reached within the year.

Since the proceedings, Ripple’s value has seen a lot of fluctuation and has even dropped in market cap, going from over $120 billion to $23.9 billion.

Avalanche Joins Alibaba Cloud in The Metaverse

Avalanche is known for its incredible innovative potential and has undergone many groundbreaking upgrades in the past. The blockchain has the goal of enhancing scalability without the expense of speed and has implemented three interconnected blockchains to do so focused on assets, smart contracts, and validations.

To continue on its path of innovation, Avalanche has partnered with Alibaba Cloud, the tech and intelligence branch of the Alibaba Group. This collaboration is designed to bring businesses and brands closer to the metaverse and give them access to the tools needed to unlock their potential. It will do this by bringing solutions to customize, launch and maintain its presence on the metaverse through Avalance.

Alibaba Cloud will provide infrastructure and operational support whilst Avalanche and MUA DAO will provide metaverse building solutions.

Big Eyes Coin: Last Lap to Finish Line

Big Eyes Coin has had investors’ heads rolling since its presale released in late 2022 because of how profitable of a platform it is. The investors’ optimism for the success of Big Eyes Coin was evident right from the first month, and it has only shown incredible growth since then, with many investors speculating that it could become one of the top crypto coins in the meme market.

The platform’s key feature is the loot box, which users can purchase for a minimum of $10 and win up to $1 million in prizes. These come with an additional 300% bonus and can be unlocked with every purchase by using the code END300. Moreover, the NFT collection is available on the Opensea marketplace for users to collect, mint, and trade when the coin launches.

Do not miss this opportunity to win $BIG. Purchase your coins today using the code END300 and be part of the Kitty Cuddlers community.

In conclusion, the crypto market is beginning its slow but steady recovery back into great health. As the market blooms an abundance of profit once more, tokens with utility will start to gain popularity once again as more people start purchasing it and with the introduction of new tokens like Big Eyes Coin in the mix, there will be much competition for top crypto coins.

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