Ripple XRP SEC Case Update: Is This A Bullish Signal for XRP?

On July 14th, Ripple emerged victorious after a lengthy legal battle against the US SEC that spanned 3 years. Following this news, Ripple’s value surged by nearly 80% within 6 hours, indicating positive sentiment among its investors and reinstating its position as one of the top 5 cryptocurrencies.

Despite this win, investors are now questioning whether this is a bullish indication for XRP or merely a temporary pump. Some investors are considering investing in Pikamoon instead, a new hybrid meme token that seeks to revolutionize Web3 gameplay.

To determine the better investment option, let’s examine both.

Ripple Case Win: Time to Buy XRP?

With Ripple’s latest win, XRP investors can now heave a sigh of relief and finally begin to recover their losses. XRP price has constantly dwindled since 2020, when the SEC first sued it, causing Ripple to lose massive value. However, with the initial excitement now past, investors are critically checking if it is wise to buy XRP now, especially as it is still more than 70% down from its all-time high of $3.40.

Some experts believe this is a good time to buy XRP, as it is still largely bullish as the consecutive green wicks on the 45-minute time frame show that the coin could pump again, giving investors another round of returns. However, this return might be less than 500% before the end of the year. In view of this, investors now turn to Pikamoon, which promises up to 20,000% by December.


What is Pikamoon?

Pikamoon is a metaverse-based RPG game with two modes: offline and online, where players can either explore the beautiful continent of Dreva or battle each other. Each mode comes with rewards that can be converted into real cash. If you have ever wondered what the future of Web3 gaming looks like, you have your answer with Pikamoon, a game built with cutting-edge technology.

Here are just 3 of its many mind-blowing features.

  • Offline and online modes:

One of the most interesting features of Pikamoon is the ease at which players can switch between online and online modes. While the former is more suitable for kids and those who detest gore, the online mode is perfect for those who love battle and have no issue with explicit content.

  • Dual blockchain system:

Pikamoon is built on both Ethereum and MultiversX blockchains and can integrate NFTs from both networks seamlessly. This dual blockchain system gives Pikamoon the scalability and stability it needs to be a top Metaverse game.

Investors and players don’t need to be worried about the game crashing; it’s almost impossible with these two heavy-weight blockchains, guaranteeing investors’ capital in the long run.

  • Gamers-friendly earning model

Players can exchange their in-game earnings for real-life money! In fact, this process, which happens via Transak, is so seamless that it works like magic. This redefines play-to-earn and makes investors even more glad to bag as much $PIKA as possible.

An investment in Pikamoon is surely a no-brainer, especially for investors who want sure earnings over the next few months and want to invest confidently in the future. If this sounds like you, read the section below to see how to buy Pikamoon ASAP.


The Pikamoon presale is hot right now!

The Pikamoon presale token launched at $0.0002 but has increased by over 300% since then. It’s no wonder intelligent investors are taking advantage of this last and final presale round to massively bag Pikamoon because it could do a further 20x before the end of 2023!

Don’t let this opportunity slip away! Buy PIKA now.

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