Roam Secures Investment from Samsung Next to Boost Decentralized WiFi Deployment

Samsung Next, the venture capital arm of Samsung Electronics, has strategically invested in Roam, a leading project in the DePIN field. This investment marks a significant step towards advancing connectivity solutions and driving innovation in the DePIN sector for both Roam and Samsung Next, aiming to provide more convenient and secure WiFi roaming experiences for global users.

Roam aims to build a decentralized global WiFi network, which provides a seamless WiFi roaming connectivity for users. The OpenRoaming™ program had been struggling due to a lack of infrastructure deployment and tokenomics incentives. By partnering with the Wireless Broadband Alliance, Roam, as the only Web3 Identity Provider (IDP), enables users to automatically and securely connect to more than 3.5 million OpenRoaming™ access points worldwide.  Roam harnesses the power of blockchain to deliver a secure WiFi connection to all users by integrating decentralized identities (DIDs) and verifiable credentials (VCs). This eliminates the need for SSIDs, passwords, insecure login credentials, providing an unparalleled connectivity experience compared to other platforms. Furthermore, Roam’s tokenomics provides a more rewarding way for users to connect with WiFi by encouraging them to contribute in building the network through Web3 incentives.

As Samsung Next focuses on AI, blockchain, and fintech, this partnership with Roam signifies a solid foundation for collaboration and potential synergistic effects in multiple areas. Driven by the shared vision of establishing a unified global WiFi roaming network, Roam and Samsung serve as a pivotal bridge, facilitating the migration of Web2 users into the Web3 ecosystem. Roam’s hardware capabilities in WiFi router technology could  also align closely with Samsung Group – a telecommunications expertise,  offering opportunities for collaboration in hardware research, development, and manufacturing. With the backing of Samsung Next, Roam can leverage additional resources and channels to serve a broader user base and enhance its influence. Samsung Next’s investment reflects a strong belief in the Roam’s potential to unify millions of WiFi access points into one global network and provide the infrastructure needed for each user to become a contributor or owner of the network.

Currently, Roam has over 150,000 network nodes added by the community and more than 70,000 app users across 140+ countries. The investment commits that Samsung Next will be a reliable ally for Roam, supporting its transformation of the way people connect to a more decentralized, accessible, and free WiFi roaming network.

About Roam

Roam transforms internet access with a decentralized network and OpenRoaming™, connecting you seamlessly to over 3.5 million OpenRoaming™ WiFi access points. It simplifies connectivity, enhances security, and rewards every connection via its proprietary DID solution. Roam permits the capture and utilization of rich user data (who, what, where) while promising the anonymity of decentralized IDs to permit data incentivization without compromising user identity.


Team Lead,

Nigel Nie.

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