RoleCoin, the World’s First Proof-of-Progress Platform for Education, Announces ICO


RoleCoin, the world’s first digital currency that brings transparency to the $100+ billion in STEM/STEAM education spending, recently announced its ICO crowdsale which goes live April 15, 2018. Whitelisting has already begun for all interested participants with the aim to achieve the capped sale of 350,000,000 tokens by the end of the ICO. Interestingly, unlike many ICO’s the company already has an app in BETA that will be fueled by RoleCoin and a demo dashboard interested participants can see on The Silicon Valley-based EdTech startup was founded by serial entrepreneur Clarence Wooten who is no stranger to huge shifts in the evolution of technology having sold his first tech startup to Network Solutions at the height of the internet boom.  Wooten who has since developed several profitable BtoB businesses, sees the blockchain as presenting a clear solution to aiding in the ongoing challenges companies face in the future of work.

“STEAMRole is a mission driven company. With RoleCoin, we see the blockchain enabling us to scale and broaden the diverse talent pipeline for companies like HP who is one of our launch partners. For organizations who make impact investments to increase the workforce with advanced skills, we will be able to provide a 360 degree view of the impact of their investments  something that is only achievable with blockchain technology and that is giant step forward for Impact Investors.” said Clarence Wooten, Founder and CEO RoleCoin by STEAMRole.

Wooten is not alone in his belief that technology has a role to play in solving major challenges students face in finding their dream careers and the companies that seek innovative ways to reach them. The RoleCoin team is supported by advisors who have many years of experience in building technology companies as well as diving into the key issues in education and labor. These advisors include Roberto Rodriguez – Formerly President Obama’s Deputy Assistant for Education, David Washington – Founder of Partnerships for Purpose (P4P) & Sr. Advisor to Information Technology Council and Keith Teare – Founding Shareholder of TechCrunch & Chairman, Accelerated Digital Ventures to name a few.

The Background

Every year, STEM/STEAM-based education and training initiatives receive more than $100 billion worth of investments and donations from impact investors, foundations and companies across the world, and still the global shortage of STEAM professionals prevails. According to Randstad 2016 stats, US alone needs skilled workers to fill more than 3 million STEM jobs. RoleCoin and its underlying blockchain dashboard, addresses this challenge by bringing proof-of-progress to education, career and economic development-focused impact investors, foundations and organizations.

In a recent study Alan Stukalsy, the Chief Digital Officer at Randstad North America, says:

“Young people are self-selecting out of higher STEM/STEAM education classes because they can’t see how these skills apply to different professions and employers they’re excited about. There is a lack of education as to what careers are available and what jobs are out there.”

STEAMRole, further fueled by RoleCoin and its associated ecosystem, is uniquely positioned to solve this problem.

The Core Features of RoleCoin

  • It is Transparent

Charitable Organizations can see how and where their money is being spent because RoleCoin gives them a blockchain and dashboard to measure that impact.

  • Fast and secure

Since RoleCoin is fueled by Stellar blockchain technology it offers high transaction speeds, with proven security and almost zero cost.

  • Incentive-driven

As RoleCoins are minted digitally via proof-of-progress, it motivates the recipients to earn, learn and return to the ecosystem to get more RoleCoin.

All of this will be enhanced by the unique properties of distributed ledger systems and crypto-currencies to create an access controlled marketplace where all actors have the freedom to interact with one another and create new and innovative associations within the network.

About the ICO

The ICO will use a capped structure with the total number of tokens sold during the ICO set at 350,000,000, with the  1st phase starting from April 15, 2018. The proceeds from the crowdsale of the RoleCoin utility token will accelerate sales and operations of STEAMRole’s platform and adoption of RoleCoin’s proof-of-progress protocol.

About RoleCoin

RoleCoin is a digital currency that brings transparency to the $100+ billion in STEM/STEAM education spending by providing proof-of-progress as it happens on STEAMRole, a skill and career-development mobile app that showcases inspirational videos and skill roadmaps from successful professionals with careers in science, tech, engineering, art/design and mathematics.  Now anyone can learn, earn and return. Because you can not be, what you can not see.

To know more about the platform and get whitelisted for its upcoming crowdsale, please visit
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