SafePluto: A Project that Started as a Joke Between Three Crypto Friends is Now Becoming the World’s Fastest Growing Meme Coin

Yet-to-be listed on CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko, SafePluto raised over $50 Million in less than 72 hours.

New York, USA (May 7, 2021) – Introducing SafePluto, a coin that splurged into existence on May the fourth, became one of the fastest-growing tokens in history of cryptocurrencies, with a market cap exceeding $50 million in less than 3 days.

The striking success behind this creation of a meme coin comes as a result of the excellent mix of timing, branding, and genius tokenomics, that has led to the continuous flood of cash, even before the listing of the coin on ranking websites such as CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko.

Few days before the launch of the token, three friends caught up at a crypto meet-up, at the time where meme coins had their first big bullish trend, this is when Den, the Co-Founder of SafePluto, texted Ned about the pump of SafeMoon…

As Ned made it to the meet-up, the conversation about meme coins between him and Den got immensely interesting, as Den thoughtfully presented the idea of creating a new meme token that would beat SafeMoon.

While discussing the meme coins, Den mentioned to Ned that another friend is in the meetup who had experience with token creation, Jason, who’s the Co-Founder and CTO of SafePluto; Ned then asked Den to meet up with Jason.

As the three sat together, the conversation about the creation of a meme token turned into serious one, as Jason invited his friends to his office the next morning to begin the work on a token that would beat SafeMoon, and while the idea was being brainstormed, the name “SafePluto” was decided unanimously, arguing that “the moon is no longer trending, so we’ve got to take it to Pluto!” agreed the trio.

The next day, Den and Jason proceeded to work on the creation of SafePluto, and it was the decision that “SafePluto” would be a completely community-driven, with “no Dev token, no team token, no presale nor a private sale”, as Jason wanted this project to be a fair launch, fully backed by the community, thus no big investors or VCs to dump the price on retail traders, as it usually happens with most VC backed tokens now a days.

As the time for the launch day came closer, the team has utilized social media channels to spread the buzz about the coin, using Instagram mainly as the main tool of marketing.

On the day of the launch, “SafePluto” shot 100x in value in its first hour of release, with $1 million worth of investments made in this short period of time – fast-forwarding it to the next 24 hours, the market cap of SafePluto reached $10 million, and more than doubled the following 24 hours to $25 million… By its 72nd hour of launching, SafePluto reached a staggering $50 million in market cap, surpassing the growth pace of most cryptocurrencies in history.

The project is due to provide more interesting updates to its community, as for the meantime, the coin is promising to take over the collection of meme coins named after planets and dogs, will SafePluto become the next Doge?

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