SEC Chair Recommends Use of AI in Crypto, InQubeta’s Grand Mission Makes It Better Option Than XRP

Over $1.8 million has been raised during the InQubeta (QUBE) presale as investors rush toward the opportunity to grow their investment by up to 400% while attaching themselves to the artificial intelligence revolution.

AI could potentially be the biggest technological breakthrough in human history and even the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is bracing for its impact on financial markets. SEC Chair Gary Gensler predicts AI will play a major role in financial markets and wants the technology to be regulated to prevent financial fragility.

AI already plays a significant role in mainstream and cryptocurrency markets as a growing number of traders use bots to maximize their profits.

The InQubeta project helps to advance the development of artificial intelligence by making investment opportunities more accessible for global investors. Anyone with a cryptocurrency wallet can now acquire part ownership of AI firms thanks to the InQubeta network and set themselves up to earn exponential profits as the role of artificial intelligence in everyday life increases.

InQubeta (QUBE) emerges as the top cryptocurrency to buy

The success of the InQubeta presale isn’t surprising to anyone who has monitored the growing investor interest in artificial intelligence over the last several years. Investments in AI have expanded by over $110 billion since 2015 and that number is expected to rise exponentially to 1.5 trillion dollars by 2030.

The InQubeta network will help to direct a large portion of these funds to AI startups by opening up investment prospects for anyone who wants to participate. Stockholders of companies that emerged early on during technological revolutions have historically earned exponential returns on their investments. For example, investors who bought shares of Netflix in the early 2000s have walked away with exponential returns. Those who back AI firms that end up disrupting industries can expect similar returns on their investment.

A new way to invest

InQubeta hosts an Ethereum-based blockchain that allows startups that need capital to fundraise by making non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that signify equity in their operations. Think of these tokens as the blockchain version of stocks. These tokens increase in value as their makers innovate and grow.

$QUBE tokens are used for all operations on the InQubeta marketplace and investors get full ownership of their tokens once sales are settled. $QUBE tokens can be staked to earn more and they give investors access to the platform’s governance.

SEC warns AI could increase financial fragility

The SEC’s chair Gary Gensler expects AI to play a significant role in financial markets in the next several years and he’s already pushing for regulations to prevent tech companies from monopolizing the technology. AI isn’t necessarily bad for financial markets, but the technology can have a detrimental effect if a few players — who also have the deepest pockets — monopolize access to it.

Ripple (XRP) is not expected to keep up with InQubeta’s growth

Ripple prices have grown substantially since its recent victory against the SEC leading to projections that it will enjoy more growth this year. Ripple provides its users with some of the lowest transaction fees in the cryptocurrency space and 3-5 second transactions.

Ripple prices will have to rise 4x to reclaim previous highs, but that only keeps up with InQubeta’s presale price increase at each of the ten stages. $QUBE prices are anticipated to increase by up to 100x after the presale is finished and tokens are launched.


The InQubeta project sets investors up to 4x their assets during the presale and a lot more after tokens are launched on exchanges. It’s emerged as one of the top altcoins to buy thanks to the solutions it provides by opening up investment prospects in AI while helping startups to raise capital.

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